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How much pressure does a girl have to look beautiful?

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A lot and it gets worse as you get older if you want to be the best you can be. Young women have had to attain their beauty (even the # 10s in this world) because of the pressure put on them by men. Thankfully for the past 2 centuries women are beginning to smarten-up and realize they can be just who they are outside and keep themselves up the best they can, but it's the inner beauty in her that counts.

As long as a woman (any age) has good hygiene, looks after their hair, cares about their skin and dresses in nice clothes (doesn't have to be the right labels, but can even be from a used clothing store if they don't have the funds) then that's the best they should ever be on the outside. Too often the young are inundated by TV, programs on beauty such as exercise, diets, plastic surgery, and also magazines for the slim and trim. Thin is out and full-bodied women are coming back in! People are getting tired of looking at skeletal girls and that's been on several programs on TV.

Women of all ages have a choice in who they want to be and many more mature women from 20 up are beginning to say, "This is who I am so take it or leave it." Actually this attitude is most intriguing to men of all ages. There is a beautiful glow to a woman when she works from inside out and becomes one with mind, body and soul. Men will always enjoy looking at a beautiful woman, but a smart woman knows how to hold onto her man. When women spend 80% or more of their time worrying about their hair, face, body in general they have taken 60% away from working on the inside and having a great personality.

The heat is really off of women, but some women just never really get it!

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