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It depends on the type of cancer, location of cancer and delivery system of the radiation. For example a metastatic lesion to the brain would receive 30 to 35 gray. Lung cancer treatment for cure would be around 50 gray. prostate cancer 70-80 gray.

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What is considered a lethal dose of radiation?

Lethal radiation dose varies, depending on physical condition and care given after receipt of dose. There is a grey area (no pun intended) between 6 and 8 Grays (a unit of ionizing radiation), equivalent to about 600 to 800 rads (in the old nomenclature), where 95% to 100% of those untreated will die, and 50% to 100% of those treated will die. Above 8 Grays, 800 rads, 100% will die. For gamma radiation, one Gray is approximately equal to one Sievert, which is a unit of dose equivalent for biological tissue, so these numbers are comparable, i.e. 8 Sieverts or 800 rem.

What is a kilogray?

A unit of absorbed energy from ionising radiation equal to one thousand grays. A gray (Gy) is the SI unit of absorbed radiation dose of ionising radiation, defined as the absorption of one joule of ionising radiation by one kilogram of matter (usually human tissue).

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