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How much rainfall does a swamp get each year?

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around 100 inches i dont know how many cm

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What is the average rainfall of a swamp?

The average rainfall of a swamp varies from 24 to 36 inches per year. The actual amount depends on the location and weather.

How much rainfall does Africa get each year?

A lot

How much rainfall falls on Nigeria each year?

Its almost 50000mm in a year

How much rainfall is there in Nigeria each year?

Between 2000 and 3000 millilitres a year

How much rainfall does Madagascar receive each year?

about 72 miligrams

How much rainfall does grasslands get each year?

it freeze when they hit the ground

How much is the average rainfall in Egypt each year?

For 25 years

How much rainfall each year does Arizonian get?

Arizona gets an average of 12.7 inches of rain each year.

How much rainfall does Wisconsin get each year?

Wisconsin gets 34.49 inches of year on average.

How much rainfall falls in the Pennines mountains each year?

Approximately 1200mm per year.

How much rainfall does japan receive each year?

40-100 inches

How much rainfall does Egypt get each year?

Not a lot because its in the middle of the Shara Dessert

How much rain fall does the rainforest get each year?

According to my research the amount of rainfall the rain forest gets each year is about 600cm.

How much rainfalls each year in Dubai?

The average rainfall in the area of Dubai is 5.9 inches per year.

How much rainfall is there in a year in a rainforest?

50 to 260 inches of rainfall a year.

How much rainfall does moscow have per year?

Moscows rainfall is 27.2 per year

How much rainfall does the UK get each year?

well it rains 41 percent and it snows 59 percent!

What is the rainfall of a mountain each year?

It depends on the mountain.

How much rainfall does Michigan get?

Michigan rainfall gets about 30 inches a year. :)

How much rainfall does the Amazon rainforest get each year?

The Amazon rainforest gets over 9 feet of rain on average each year. Much of this rain is actually melting snow from the nearby Andes Mountains.

How much rainfall does mountains get in a year?

The mountains get about 364,676,860,877,987,786,546,747,876,988,235,123,456,789,110,111,112,113,114,115 a year.

How much rainfall does Hawaii get in a year?

About 130 inches a year

Avereage Annual rainfall in Somalia?

The Annual Average of Rainfall in Somalia each year is 11 inches

How much rainfall does Sweden get in a year?


How much rainfall does Cairns receive a year?

The annual average rainfall for Cairns is 1992mm.

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