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How much ram is Wrath of the Lich King?


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September 13, 2011 4:27AM


It would be 3gb+


I am pretty sure that is the right answer. the Regular World of Warcraft takes 2gb ram


32bit XP cannot access over 3gb of memory (that 2 2gb chips has 1 gig unused in most machines as 64bit XP doesn't run a whole lot of apps and was more expensive :( ) so 3gb+ is not a valid requirement. World of Warcraft the original game recommends 512MB of ram, but will run in 256mb on PC, on Mac it was 512mb but I've had it run under 256mb. Now with the addons, you should expect 1 gig of ram to be a minimum on PC or Mac, 2gb making it faster; the hard drive requirements have gone to 20gb with WotLK, originally 5 gb was enough room.

Specs from boxes directly:

World of Warcraft 1.0:

Windows98/ME/2000/XP PIII 800+ 256MB, 32 meg video card 4 gig hard drive space 4x CD and dialup

Mac 10.3.5 933+ G4, 512MB, 32MB video card (64 recommended) 4GB hd space

World of Warcrft 2.0/Crusade: 2000/XP (no more 98/ME) 800+ PIII 512MB. 32MG video, DirectX9c 10GB hd space, broadband connection

Mac 10.3.9933+ G4 or G5, 512 MB, 1GB recommended, 32mb video 64 rec, 10GB hd space

World of Warcraft 3.0 / Wrath of the Lich King:

XP (SP3)/Vista 512MB (1 GB for OSX/Vista) 2 GB rec, 15GB hd space, 4xDVD, 64 MB, rec 128MB video card, under Vista 1.3 GhZ CPU rec.

They're gonna have to work within the 3GB memory limit for a while, a lot of machines made in last 3 years max out at 4GB ram, especially as XP only reads 3GB of memory.

OSX 10.4.1