How much roasted garlic should you eat daily?

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one clove but dont eat any until the next day oyu must wait for the odor to leave your body naturally
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How much garlic daily for how many days to lower cholesterol level from 200 to 160?

Garlic isn't that great. You would have to have massive amounts. The best way to lower cholesterol, is to cut way down on cheese, butter, eat low-fat yogurts, drink skimmed milk. A glass of red wine three or four times a week can help, and recent research has shown that a small handful of good quali ( Full Answer )

How do you roast garlic?

It's easy... The simplest way is literally to wrap a head in tin foil and pop it in the oven for an hour at about 300. But make it more interesting, slice it in half width-wide (so there's a top and a bottom), being careful not to let the cloves fall apart. dribble some olive oil in between the hal ( Full Answer )

How much fat should you eat daily?

The total amount of calories from fat should make up around 30% of your diet. Each gram of fat contains 9kcals. So for example, If you were consuming 1500kcals a day then 30% percent of those calories should be fat. Calculations: 1500kcals / 100 X 30 = 450kcals 450kcals / 9 = 50 grams So ( Full Answer )

How much garlic should you eat every day to lose weight?

Garlic has an entirey unimportant influence on your weight loss.Overall calories in vs overals calories used is by far the mostinportant feature of any wight loss program. . I recommend about two oz a day. Try putting cloves in yoursalads - also lemon juice, garlic and some wholesome boiling waterm ( Full Answer )

How much should crf cat eat daily?

A cat should eat enough calories to satisfy its metabolic needs - this is based upon age, weight and exercise level. For a typical 10# adult cat, approximately 1 cup of dry kibble or 2-3 cans of cat food (the larger size, not the Fancy Feast size) should be adequate. A cat with chronic renal failur ( Full Answer )

How much exercise should you get daily?

It depends a lot on your lifestyle. Some people naturally have an active lifestyle. (Walking instead of always driving, for example.) But most people should have about 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day, as a minimum. In 1 day you should have 30minutes - 1hour of exercise!

How much potassium should you eat daily?

The average adult should have a minimum of 2000mg-3000mg of potassium per day. This can be achieved through the natural consumption of certain kinds of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. There are circumstances where potassium is readily lost and needs to be replenished in excess of the mini ( Full Answer )

How much daily should a 3 month old rabbit eat?

A 3 month old rabbit should eat a lot. Fresh rabbit mix in a bowl everyday. Also Fresh Carrots, spinach, corn on the cob, silverbeet, apple, pear. Throw away left overs every day. Paula

How much meat should adolescents eat daily?

There are eight normal requirements that the adolescent should have a day. These eight requirements are calories; protein which vegetarians exceed these level; fats which are gained from many junk foods though only 30% of it is needed; calcium which can be provided from green, leafy vegetables; iron ( Full Answer )

How much protein should you get daily?

The amount of protein someone should digest is there body weight in pounds for bodybuilders however the recommended intake for a man is 45 grams of protein daily Around 65 grams a day for most people consuming 2000 calories. Athletes and weight lifters need much more, around 1.6-1.7 g/kg body weight ( Full Answer )

How much sugar should you get daily?

So if you are diabetic or on pro-diabetes you shouldn't have sugar at all. And what diabetic means is it means when someone ate too much sugar or other foods that contain sugar. So that's why we always check the nutrition facts which is on the back of a pruduct but only a product that you can eat so ( Full Answer )

Can eating too much garlic make you sick?

Garlic has many health benifits, but if you eat too much raw garlic (I am sure it has to be a significant amount), it can cause some problems in your digestive system.. Visit for more details.. Hope this helps!

How much should a horse eat daily?

that's hard to answer with out more information. It all depends on the size and age of your horse. it also depends on how much work your horse does. on the back of the sack of horse feed.. it tells you the guideline daily amounts and how much your horse should approximately be eating

What happens if you eat to much garlic?

There should not be much of a problem if you really like garlic that much. In fact, some studies in China have suggested that eating large amounts of garlic allows you to live longer. That is why they have started to eat more garlic.

How much meat should you eat daily?

This depends on how much you need to eat but if you want the answerI suggest you look it up on a health website such as

How much should an old labrador dog eat daily?

Labradors are known for being stomachs on legs. A good amount of food is from 2 to 2.5 cups of food per day. The higher quality the food the better. You can also give your dog treats throughout the day. And, if your dogs stomach can handle it, you can give them table scraps as well.

How much food should a German shepherd eat daily?

If you're talking about a growing puppy, feed them liberallybecause they grow up fast, and I mean fast! Especially is they'reGerman German Shepherds as opposed to American German Shepherdswhich are smaller. Once they reach their full growth -my two dogsgot to this point at 2 1/2 years old- they shou ( Full Answer )

How much food should a person eat daily?

fast food = unhealthy its all about the calories. an average man should take around 2500and around 2000 for women Women should eat 1500 to 2000 calories a day and men should eat2000 to 2500 calories a day. 1 meal per meal time(not always) As much as you are hungry. Do not confuse this with how much ( Full Answer )

How much do puppies eat daily?

It depends on what kind of dog it is. For example, my dog is a Shitz Tzu- Bichon and eats 1/2 a cup in the morning and then another in the evening.

Why should you eat garlic?

Answer Garlic cloves contain many vital nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Garlic contains sulfur compounds from the amino acid allicin, which is most noted for producing garlic's powerful odor. You should eat garlic daily for the following reasons: 1. Garlic Contains a ( Full Answer )

How much dog food should a 52 pound dog eat daily?

It depends on the dog's metabolism, breed and it's energy level andthe caloric content of the food you are feeding. Most dogs benefitfrom 2 meals per day to even out blood sugars and to manage hunger.A trained nutritionist can help make the calculations for you -based on your commercial dog food - t ( Full Answer )

How much carbs should you have daily?

You do not need to eat the carbohydrates in your diet. They fallowyou in your diet. Low carbohydrate in your diet is a good thing.You should avoid taking high carbohydrate diet. That is bad forhealth. They promote the obesity. Your body can convert fat intosource of energy. Extra proteins can be and ( Full Answer )

How much yogurt should you eat daily?

There is not prescribed amount, but many people around the world eat about a half cup of yogurt with breakfast almost every morning.

How much can you you eat daily?

this depends on the size of the person, a man can consume 3500 cal. per day if he is active, a woman 2500 cal. if she is active, if not reduce by 500 cal. per day.

What should you do if your cat eats garlic?

Garlic can hurt your cat, so try to keep him away from it. If yourcat swallows garlic, make him vomit it back up by forcing him todrink some hydrogen peroxide mixed in water. Call your veterinarianfor advice.

How much raw garlic can you eat in 1 day?

as much as the people around you can handle before your breath becomes so bad that the dead have to get up and run away when you breathe on them.

How do you you roast garlic?

Before starting to roast garlic, here are the ingredients we would need. 2-4 whole heads of garlic. a selection of dried herbs good amount of olive oil. little amount of salt and pepper. a knife A Baking dish A large piece of aluminum oil pastry brush and oven Here are the inst ( Full Answer )

How much food should a shetland sheepdog eat daily?

There are so many variables I can not give you absolute answer. First: Shelties vary a lot in size. The breed "standard" calls for a range of 13 inches to 16 inches at the shoulder. That is a big difference in itself, and then considering they can often range from 12 inches to 18 inches. So, size ( Full Answer )

Can a 2 year old eat too much garlic?

No..They woudnt eat to much though. I cant see a 2 year old eating that much garlic..But no they cant. Hope this helps!

How much does a horse eat daily?

About 1.5% to 2% of their body weight in grass or grass hay. Then they may eat a couple more pounds of grain if they need it to balance their work load.

How much food should a kitten eat daily?

There is no correct answer for this, as how much a kitten eats can depend on several factors: The kitten's age, size, activity level, appetite and the quality of food being fed. A cat's food is also a huge factor in how much it eats: A cat will eat far more if fed a lower quality food to get the nut ( Full Answer )

What country is roasted garlic bread from?

Roasted garlic has been combined with oil, usually olive oil, and spread on bread for many centuries in many countries. So it is not possible to specify exactly where roasted garlic bread originated. . Texas

How do you mince and roast garlic?

Video: How do you mince and roast garlic? . Roasted minced garlic adds great flavor to mashed potatoes and meats. It is easiest to peel the garlic, roast it as a whole clove first, then mince after it is roasted. Steps: 1. Preheat oven to 400. 2. Remove one clove from the garlic head. ( Full Answer )

How much dairy should you have daily?

On average, any female or male over the age of 9 should be having 3 servings of dairy foods a day. anyone between the age of 2 and 8 should be having 2 servings of dairy products a day. 1 serving would be classed as: 1 cup of milk or yoghurt, 1.5 ounces of natural cheese or 2 ounces of ( Full Answer )

How much should 5 pound Pomeranian eat daily?

About one half cup a day. But it really depends on the Pomeranian if you have a over weight dog then you might want a little less or talk to your dogs veterinarian.

How much cooked beef should an 85 pound dog eat daily?

you really shouldn't feed cooked meat to a dog, that's what an average person would say but i say screw them!! a dog requires real meat not some crap processed food that was manufactured in an assembly line in some factory in Mexico hell no i feed my dog organic chicken and organic produce i do ( Full Answer )

How much hay should a guinea pig eat daily?

They need an unlimited supply of timothy hay if they are 6 months or older if they are younger then 6 months, pregnant, or nursing, they need alfalfa hay. They should have hay available to them at all times and if they run out give them more.

How much garlic should you give your dog?

Dogs are sensitive to garlic but it is not known at what age or what breeds are more sensitive or what dosage is toxic. What is known is that tiny amounts in treats or normal food usually won't hurt but garlic can cause gastrointestinal problems and red blood cell damage can occur as a result of fee ( Full Answer )

How much millet should parakeets eat daily?

My budgie will eat an entire twig of millet in a day if I leave it in the cage, and ignore his pellets -- so I've taken it out of his cage and only give it to him under supervision and when we are training as a treat. They should never eat more than one full twig a week, they're a healthy snack but ( Full Answer )

How much wet food should a cat eat daily?

A cat needs 150 grams of a grain free wet food in the morning and evening .Thats 300gr per day Wet food should be free of maize,wheat,corn,rice and digest examples of healthy cats foods are bozita,smilla,blue buffalo wilderness and animoda carny dried food should be considered a snack and shou ( Full Answer )

What recipes require roasted garlic?

There are many recipes which include roasted garlic. One can add roasted garlic to many Italian dishes including spaghetti sauce and lasagna. Chicken is great with roasted potatoes, seasoned with roasted garlic. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes are a popular side dish.