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How much royal jelly is safe to take?

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100mg is o.k

2009-01-09 01:36:44
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Q: How much royal jelly is safe to take?
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Is it safe to take royal jelly bee pollen and propolis with prenatal vitamins?

It is safe to take royal jelly and propolis with prenatal vitamins. You may be consuming excess levels of some vitamins, like vitamin B but these bee products are just food.

Can diabetics take royal jelly?

royal jelly used on skin of Diabetics

Can you take royal jelly if you breastfeeding?

Royal jelly has no proven benefits in the human body. However, you should not take royal jelly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to prevent any dangers presented to baby.

Does honeycomb contain royal jelly?

No. Royal jelly is used to feed a larva that is being raised as a new queen. Under normal circumstances there will only be one such larva in a colony, so royal jelly will only be in one cell of one comb. To extract royal jelly though, the beekeepers put a fake larva in the bee hive and lure worker bee to apply royal jelly on the bait and then beekeepers can extract Royal Jelly on a controlled schedule. It does take a very delicate work and skill to perform the harvest process.

Can you take royal jelly if you have kidney problems?

Absolutely. I suffer from kidney problems as well and I have taken Irena Royal Jelly for many years and I've only found benefits to my health.

Is royal jelly expensive?

The prices of royal jelly can range, depending on how much of it you buy etc. It is not actually that expensive. For 30 x 1500mg capsules of royal jelly it costs around £10. There are other technology to produce capsules, for example the concentrated freezing technology extract water out of Royal Jelly so they are in a form of powder and it will make the capsules lighter and smaller, can be kept fresh longer and no need to stored in the fridge. Even thought they are 400 mg per capsule, they are equivalent to 1500 mg capsules. Normal, capsule you find online are smaller than 1500mg and relative cheaper but personally I think taking more than 1500mg is the best amount. Smaller capsules means you need to take more pills per day. I have seen 166mg Royal Jelly powder capsules been sold £15 per 180 capsules. You either take not enough Royal Jelly or a lot of capsules. You really want to buy larger capsules such as 400mg dry Royal Jelly or 1500mg fresh ones.

How can you make petroleum gauze?

Take any sterile gauze, and apply any type of unscented petroleum jelly to it. Only really safe to use on wounds if the jelly is clean and the gauze is sterile.

Which is easier to make jam or jelly?

jelly its simple and easy and doest take long to make but does take a while to set.

Can you take bee pollen royal jelly and honey together with clomid and other fertility drugs?

Yes, royal jelly and other honey products can be taken with fertility drugs. Royal jelly contains a compound of various vitamins and nutrients that are recommended for fertility (including A, C, E, B complex, and amino acids.) It does not contain actual hormones, although some researchers believe it may help regulate hormones. Taking honey-derived products would be comparable to taking any other multivitamin supplement. They help to make an ideal environment for conception. Royal jelly would be recommended for female fertility, and bee pollen for male fertility. A gradual introduction is suggested, due to the possibility of allergic sensitivities to pollen (or other bee products.)

How long does it take to make a jelly bean?

Improved answer - It takes about a week to make a jelly bean.

How much benadryl is safe to take per day?

100 mg

How much milligrams of acai extract is safe to take?

If it is a natural extract you can take as much as you want but you should still be modest with your portions

How many packets of jelly does it take to fill a bathtub?

seriously...why would you wanna fill a bathtub with jelly

Is it safe to take vinegar and how much should you drink?

It is safe to take vinegar in your diet. You should take the same for taste. There is wide margin of safety between the amount you take for taste and the amount that can harm you. Vinegar has no nutritional value and too much vinegar will harm you.

How much Valium is safe to take?

Only take the amount your doctor prescribes you. He/she is the only one who can determine that.

Does peanut butter and jelly make you fat?

It's always a balance between what, and how much you eat. There's nothing wrong with peanut butter and jelly as such, as long as you limit the amount. If what you eat(whatever it is) has more energy in it that what you spend over the day, then you will eventually get fat. Both PB and jelly have a lot of energy in it, so it doesn't take a lot to be too much.

Is petroleum jelly homogeneous?

Yes, its homogeneous because if you take any particular part of the jelly it will be the same as the rest

How long does it take to make jelly beans?

It takes one week to make jelly-beans! A whole week!

What is inside a jelly donut?

most people would take a wild guess and think it is jelly if you dont know what is in a jelly donut you sould eat one and find out

Is Advil safe for diabetics?

yes. just dont take too much or i will make it much worse

Does jellyfishes take care of there babies?

AnswerJelly fish do not take care of their young as they have not got the brains to teach them. In fact the jelly fish is born, much like a spider, with the instincts already imbedded into their mindsAnswerI suppose you mean the polyp?The polyp holds on to the baby jellies for about 2 weeks.

How much lysine is safe to take daily for a cold sore?

It is recommended to only take 1,000 mg daily.

Is NyQuil safe to take if you take amitriptyline?

is it safe to take Nyquil with amitriptyline

What are the lyrics to Jellyfish by Julian smith?

Jellyfish Jelly fish Jellyfish Jelly fish Take some jelly, take some fish, look at that sandwich, dee-leash! Just make sure you don't eat a real jellyfish OR YOU'LL DIE Jellyfish Jelly fish Jellyfish Jelly fish Jellyfish Jelly fish Jeelllyfish Jellyfish This world is full of compound words, speck slower, bro, or you won't be hurt. If you talk quick, you might sound slick, but I also might think you just asked me to make you a real jellyfish sandwich, AND YOU'LL DIE Jellyfish Jelly fish Jellyfish Jelly fish Hear the difference? Jellyfish Jelly fish It's sudule but it could take your life Jeellyfish Big 'Ole Nasty Fish Jellyfish Jelly fish Jellyfish Jelly fish

Can you take royal jelly if you have lupus nephritis?

If someone has lupus nephritis, that person should discuss any supplement, vitamins, herbs, or "alternative" therapies with the rheumatologist and nephrologist. Lupus nephritis can be fatal and is nothing to be fooled around with.