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How much salt can you dissolve in a gallon of water?

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100 grams pure water can hold about 38 grams of sodium chloride.(WikiAnswers)

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How much salt will one gallon of water dissolve?

pure water will dissolve 3.184 pounds of salt.

How does temperature affect how much salt can dissolve in water?

As much slat as can be added to the water will eventually dissolve. Heat does help the salt dissolve quicker.

How much salt in a gallon of salt water?

it depends where the salt water is coming from

Does water and salt dissolve?

No, but salt does dissolve in water.

Does water dissolve salt?

does salt dissolve in water

What solid do dissolve in water?

Sugar and salt can dissolve in water, but if you put too much in, the salt or sugar will start collecting at the bottom.

How much does a gallon of salt water weight?


How much salt can you dissolve in a cup of water?

You can dissolve 1/4 cup of salt in one cup of water. Slightly (10%) more if the water is boiling.

What will dissolve salt?

Water dissolve easily salt.

What determines how much salt you can dissolve in water?

temperature and the mass of the water.

How much does a gallon of brine weigh?

A gallon of brine weighs more than a gallon of water, but how much more it weighs than a gallon of water depends on how much salt was added to the water.

Why do salt crystals form when the water evaporates from a saline solution?

Since water can only dissolve so much salt, 1.4 kilograms of salt per gallon of water to be exact, before any additional salt will remain isolated from the water in the form of salt crystals. So, as water evaporates from a saline solution (salt dissolved in water) there is less and less water for the salt to dissolve in. Eventually, the amount of salt in solution exceeds the maximum amount that the remaining water can dissolve. Once this point is reached, the excess salt starts to precipitate out in the form of salt crystals. These crystals continue to grow as more and more of the salt is displaced from the water.

What weighs more a gallon of salt water or a gallon of fresh water?

A gallon of salt water.

How much salt would dissolve in water?

you put in as much as you want

How much table salt do you need to make homemade crystals?

As much table salt as you can stir in the boiling water until no more salt will dissolve. You will see salt dissolve once you stir some table salt in the boiling water, hot tap water is unsufficient.

How much salt will dissolve in 1 cup of water?

It depends on the type of salt, and the exact volume of water

What do you get when you dissolve salt in water?

Salt water.

Why does salt dissolve in a salt water solution?

If more salt will dissolve in a saltwater solution, it is for the simple reason that there is more 'room' for more salt to dissolve. Salt will only dissolve in salt water solutions which have not reached salt saturation.

Kai has 200ml of water at room temperature how much salt can she dissolve in the water refer to table?

i think 50% but the hotter the temperature is the more salt will dissolve

How will salt dissolve in hot water?

salt dissolves in hot water. Salt dissolves in any water. salt does not dissolve in cold water.....

How fast does sugar dissolve in water and how fast salt dissolve in water?

The amount of time and speed it takes to dissolve sugar in water and dissolve salt in water depends on the amounts of salt and sugar, the amount of water, and the temperature of the water. The approximate time needed to dissolve the sugar and salt in water is 25 minutes.

How much salt can dissolve in 50 ml of water at 60 c?

18.5g of water can be dissolve in 50mL of water at 60 C

Is salt and water a mixture soulution or both?

Salt and water form a solution of salt water, unless there is too much salt to completely dissolve in the water. In that case, it will be a mixture of salt and salt water.

Does water dissolves any substances?

Water can dissolve many materials to create a solution. For example salt dissolves into water. If the water is saturated, or full of salt in simple terms, the salt wont dissolve. ---------------------------------------------- No' water will not dissolve ANY substance. For instance water will not dissolve candle wax. However' water will dissolve SOME substances. For instance water will dissolve sugar or salt.

Can rock salt dissolve in water?

Yes. Rock salt, which is largely the same as table salt, will dissolve in water.