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I assume you mean sodium chloride salt (NaCl). In that case, you would refer to the solubility of sodium chloride in water which is 35.7 grams per 100 mL of water at 0� C. However, this amount will be increased to approximately 39 g/100mL if the water is brought to boiling. If the solution is pressurized then the water may reach temperatures far above its boiling point and conversely the amount of NaCl which can be dissolved would increase far beyond its standard pressure and temperature saturation point. Salts are an ionic compounds that more specifically dissociate in water rather than dissolve. Sodium chloride forms a sodium cation (Na+) and the chlorine anion (Cl-) when it dissociates in water.

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Q: How much salt could saturate water?
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How much salt does it take to saturate 50ml of water?

this is for science test corrections, i couldn't find it. well it actually depends what kind of salt you are gonna use to find out till when it will saturate

Why does salt saturate so quickly?

Salt in water saturates so quickly because the water is so ful of the salt that has already dissolved, that the water can't let the salt dissolve any more. That's why it saturates so fast.

What happens when a human drinks too much salt water?

If you drink too much salt water, you become dehydrated and could eventually die from severe dehydration.

How much salt do you need to add to water to solidify it?

You cannot solidify water using salt. As you add salt to water, the concentration in the water increases until the water is saturate. After that any more salt you add will simply not dissolve. It is possible to create a supersaturated solution by adding the salt to warm water and then cooling it. Disturbing the water will cause some salt to precipitate and sink the to bottom. You can, however, solidify water using sodium acetate. First you add enough sodium acetate to hot water that the concentration is greater than 1.2 g/ml. Then allow the solution to cool. After it is cooled, drop in a single grain of sodium acetate.

What happens if you drink too much ocean salt?

I guess it could make you sick. It can't do much, but the salt isn't good for your liver or your heart. So you could get liver failure if you drank a ton of the salt water.

If you mix salt with water how much salt water will you get?

Well that depends on how much salt and how much water you have and what you want to accomplish by mixing them.

Which categories could salt water be placed in?

salt water can be in a solution

What does it mean if salt does not dissolve in water but stays at the bottom?

It means that the water already absorbed as much salt as it could and can't fit anymore so the extra salt just sinks.

Could drinking ocean water kill you?

To much salt water can in fact kill you. Not to mention the pollution

Why cant a person on a desert island could not survive by drinking the water from the ocean?

Because the water in the ocean is salt water. If you have too much salt, it can be poisonous, and with salt water it's pure salt. Also the fact that you need other foods in order to survive.

If exposed to too much salt water can cuts get worse?

No, never. Salt helps to sterilise the wound, although it could be painful!

How much salt is in 1kg of ocean water?

How much salt is in 1kg of water

Could a funnel separate the salt from salt water?

No, but a hotplate can. Hope I could help. =)

How much salt water is in salt water taffy?

there is no salt water in the candy "salt water taffy." it is just the name/brand.

How do you do an experiment to show that when you dissolve salt in water the salt is still there?

Either you have added too much salt or not enough water or the water is too cold. You could begin again and see if that changes. Otherwise continue since the solution is supersaturated.

Could swallowing salt water from a swimming pool cause vomiting?

it depends how much you if you drank a gallon of salt water, yes you would puke your guts out

How much salt in a gallon of salt water?

it depends where the salt water is coming from

Is salt water denser than an egg?

The density of liquids really depends on the suspended matter in it. If you have really dense concentration of salt in water, yes it could be denser than an egg. If you have merely a weak solution of salt, then the egg is denser... it depend on how much salt you have in the water.

How much salt will one gallon of water dissolve?

pure water will dissolve 3.184 pounds of salt.

What substances has a PH level of 7?

Just water. Actually, there are lots of things that could have a pH of 7, not just water. For example, salt water could have a pH of 7 depending upon what kinds of salts and how much of each kind of salt was in the water.

What will happen if the salinity in seawater decreases?

If the salt in salt water decreased, salt water fish could not live in that water

What is Super saturate solution?

When the solution is over the saturated point. Ex: you add salt in water. If you can't dissolve more salt it is saturated. When you heat it up while adding more salt and then you dissolve that, it is supersaturated. To make sure. Drop a salt cristal in and watch the show.

Is the solubility of all solutes the same?

Solubility is different for each combination of solute and solvent. The amounts of different solutes that are needed to saturate a certain volume of solvent varies enormously. For example, more sugar than salt is needed to saturate 100mL of water at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius).

How do you sepate salt from water?

You could evaporate the water, leaving the salt behind.

Why is drinking salt water bad?

There are two distinct problems with the consumption of salt in salt water. # Sodium from salt is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the thicker blood causes an increase in blood pressure. # Salt water, or water with any dissolved substance, is more difficult for the body to process. The body may not be able to absorb much water, or could actually throw off water to carry the salt out of the body. This can lead to dehydration.

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