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How much schooling does it take to become an author?


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September 24, 2010 11:55AM

As much schooling as it takes to be able to construct an actual sentence, plot a good story, and WRITE WELL.

To write well one doesn't need a Phd. You just have to have a great imagination and a lot of talent, but school does help, and so does writing every day, so that you can get better and better. And you also need the drive and the will to do it, or else you are gonna get no where.

Hey, the dude who wrote eragon was 15!! HE probably didn't go to college.

So basically, there is no specific amount, nothing set in stone that you have to have a masters degree or whatever to write. You just have to write, when you feel ready.

If English and grammar are one of your favorite subjects. That is a good sign of what types of hobbies you will more likely get into. Having a degree in writing is worth a try or participating in school reading programs and essay contests. The more one reason the broader his knowledge to meet those skills. Author's have written personal journals, biographies, and books. Social Studies, History, Art, Science are excellent studies and research. If you have a great story to share and your readers always come back to read it. Find out what other programs help young book writers to obtain grants or scholarships.