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i did a paper around in my local area for 5 months 7 days a week in the morning if you do a morning round you will get paid £2.00 per round monday to Friday and £2.50 on Saturday and Sunday and evening £1.50 monday to Friday £2.00 Saturday and Sunday

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Q: How much should I get paid to deliver 15 newspapers per day?
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About $1.37

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thats what i want to know

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How much do you get paid to deliver newspapers?

It depends. I work for a newspaper delivery company and we currently pay about $0.10 a paper during the week and $0.20 on Sunday. It will depend on how many papers you are throwing, but I'd count on about $400-$600 a month.

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mine must be paid by the hour as it takes him over an hour to deliver the mail to my block of town houses.

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It depends on how many people are on your paper route. It is usually $0.50 per paper you deliver.

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