How much should a 10 year old 56 inch girl weigh?


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A 56'' girl should weigh between 80-100 pounds

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The girl should weigh between 121-153 ibm to be considered healthy.

Determining how much a girl should weigh if she is 5 foot and 9 inches depends on her age and genetics. She could weigh anywhere from 120-170 pounds.

Try the following site for your answer. It should be around 105 to 120 pounds.

i think that u shhould weigh around 101-120 pounds

a 4 ft 8 inch person should ewight bwetween 98-110 pounds.

95 pounds is the ideal body weight for a 4ft 10 inch girl.

A 5 foot 1 inch 13 year old girl should weigh around 110 to 115 lbs.

at 5ft she should weigh 105 pounds add 5 pounds for every inch

well if you were 54 inches you should be 60-70 pounds

you should weigh 130. there is a standard rule, that for the first 5 feet, a person should weigh 100 lbs, and then for every inch after that, add another 5 lbs. hope this helps!

I'm 11 and I think your suppose to weigh up to 120 pounds

I think that fifteen year old girls should weigh at least 120-130lbs.

im 4 foot 6 and weigh around 80 pounds and im at a healthy weight.

If my daughter only weighed 72lb at 4ft 12 I would be worries she is 96lb and healthy

I am now 14 and I am 5'7 and I weigh 11stone 10lbs so a 13-year -old 5'7 girl should weigh pretty much the same but I am not a healthy weight girl so it depends

i don't know how much you're suppose to weigh but im 14 and 5'2, I weigh 100 yeah :)

An average 11 year old girl that's 5 feet 6 inches should weigh about 90 to 100 pounds

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

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