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How much should a 16 year old girl weigh if shes 55'?


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2009-08-10 10:28:41
2009-08-10 10:28:41

Should weigh from about 115-120 pounds

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she should weigh about 80-99 pounds on my opinion.

im like 5'5"/6" and i weigh about 127 ish. though i used to weigh 110 and wish i still did.

Yes she is to much over weight if shes 13 because you should only weigh maximum 7 stone.

Google BMI, you should weigh a little more than what it says. No one likes a skinny girl though, they look like 12 year old Chinese boys. Keep your curves.

If shes your friend YES if shes not NO

i think if she's thin she would weight 67-71. if she's thick she should weight about 110-115. if shes average i'll say about 98-105lbs. if shes fat she'll weigh about 115-125

i bet shes anorexic cos shes 38 kg

I am that tall and that age and I weight 90 pounds and I am under weight so I would say somwhere from 100-110 or maybe a little lighter.

the target weight is 136 pounds, low is 117, and high is 156. That is considering your height. There were no websites for height and chest size.

6 stone and shes 5foot 3

well shes trying to be a good girl but shes not so she should be home about 12:00but she probable is out partying and trying to be a good girlsorry i dont really like her shes BAD

about 134 but shes 5'9 so that's prettyy skinny...

wiith all that booty shes 150 lb

Tell her these things as long as theyre true: Shes pretty shes nice shes generous shes popular shes smart she has nice hair she has beautiful eyes

dunno my moms 35 and she weights 7 stone but shes only 5 foot it depends on how tall you are

you shouldn't worry about ur weight at such an age. Just make sure you eat enough and don't worry about getting "fat" as you will lose it while u hit a growth spurt :)

If your with a girl and shes saying that its either one of two things,1, if your not that close them shes probs tempting you to leave her,2, if you are then shes worried about losing you and wants youto reassure her that 'shes your perfect girl', bassically in short she really likes you

She announcex it on letterman...shes her and abby on letterman...

10 if shes readponsible.if shes not 11. all they want is a phone in 6th grade.

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