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My suggestion is to internet research styles. I kinda knew what I was looking for when I walked in, then they suggested some of the extras like the coping around the pool edging where it meets the concrete. Normally there's a metal part that the concrete meets to, the cantilever coping added a nice finish too it.

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  • In spring 2010, we put in an 18x40 in Oklahoma. With all the bells & whistles, it came to about 30k. That included a diving board, $3,000 slide, 8' concrete in the back for the diving, 6' over where the slide is, 4' around the rest. A salt water system, vinyl 30mm liner, concrete coping around the edging, Roman style steps in the low end, the safety winter cover, 2HP pump (my pump is about 75' from pool), plus about 100sq ft more concrete back to our patio and I think that's about it.
  • We have 2 skimmers, 2 bottom intakes in the deep end, 1 wall intake for the vacuum. 4 returns back into the pool + the slide return which is also plumbed from the pool, so the pool water runs through the slide which is NICE! So no cold hose water.
  • My suggestion is to Internet research styles. I kinda knew what I was looking for when I walked in, then they suggested some of the extras like the coping around the pool edging where it meets the concrete. Normally there's a metal part that the concrete meets to, the cantilever coping added a nice finish too it.
  • And from my past building experiences, I searched for a company that had an office. Most of these builders around here just have a cell number. I wanted an office that I can go to if things went out of whack. I was turned off by a few fiberglass pool installers because one number went to a guys house, and the 2nd contractor went to his cell phone.
  • Be prepared, the installation destroys the yard.
  • It depends where one lives. In Northern California, your configuration would cost between $25K to $35K, depending on the contractor.
  • We live in Southern California. We are currently in the last and most trying stages of our development. Our contract price was a bit over $40,000 and I've battled to keep it that amount. Each time they have deemed it necessary to increase the cost with some unforeseen feature, I take away something which I can complete myself. Our features include: 14x28' pool. 7' diameter spa. Pebblecoat. No decking provided by builder. salt water system. Faux boulders and edging. Redwood bridge with shear decent water falls off both sides. Heater. Cleaner. No landscaping by builder. Baja reef with sitting boulder. 30' contiguous underwater bench. 3 pool lights and 1 spa light(Sounds excessive, but with the Black Pearl pebblecoat, it's a safety issue for me). When the builder is done, I anticipate a great pool, only to be surround by a dirt wasteland until I build the necessary arbors, patios, decking and landscaping. If I could have dug the hole myself, I would have. The rest will be completed with the 2 hands which are currently typing this response.
  • It depends on where you live, if your backyard is dirt or dirt with big rocks, size, if a truck can get through to the backyard or if a bobcat has to be used, and what all you want in a pool.
  • If you are getting bids from different companies, you need to look at how long they have been in business. You can go with a company that has been in business for 5 years and the next year they go out of business and you can not do a thing about any problems that you have with your pool.
  • Go with a company that has been in business for at least 25 years and does more than just build pools. Look for a company that builds, remodels, and services pools. Also look for a company that has a retail store and has a monthly service department.
  • You really want to stay with a company that can accommodate all your needs when it comes to your pool!
  • I live in the Ohio Valley and we're getting estimates on an 18X36 pool in the neighborhood of $20-25,000, depending on materials. Concrete vs. vermiculite seems to make a difference. I can tell you, though, since you asked about an auto pool cover: friends of ours have one on their 18X36 pool; it cost $8,500! Unless you have serious safety concerns, you may want to stick with a simple solar cover (usually included in most pool package prices), with an deck anchored winter cover (about $1,500). It all depend... Do you want something in the class of a Yugo or VW or the class of a Aston-Martin or Maybach?
  • Pool prices vary as widely as automobiles... a pool is not a pool! What are the soil conditions on your site? Do you have asoils report? What is access like? Do they have to take down a fence between the homes? How far is the closest dirt dump site? Do they get to pile the dirt in your back 40 acres? You get the picture... It depends...
  • Volume pool builders do not supervise production, limit your material selections, build minimal strength pool shells that often times are not sufficient for the site's soil conditions, guesstimate the fluid dynamics (hydraulics & pump sizing), use rebound gunite in their shells, use minimal steel, use single pumps for multiple purposes (results in excess power consumption - as accessories are not used much, and the excess reserve power is spent daily for filtration!), don't use waterproofing compounds in their cements, build flimsy formwork, blah, blah, blah... You get the idea.
  • If you can settle for a few headaches, poor follow through, little back end support. limited selections, then by all means use a volume builder. But quality takes time.... The rule of thumb is don't spend more than 7-10% of the value of your house, on a pool. And remember - cement, steel, lumber, and labor costs are rising exponentially, cement and steel shortages are being experienced in portions of the country! The pools we build average $250,000! (& that's the pool only! No decking, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, buildings, retaining walls, etc...).
  • A licensed swimming pool professional, will be able to come to your home and prepare you a quote and you will then be able to make an informed decision with that information. Go ahead and make that appointment and your on your way.
  • In the meantime ask yourself how you will use your pool, do you entertain alot, do you like water features? What did you like about the pool on your last vacation? How much time are you willing to spend on maintenance, or will you need full service? Is safety a concern, and what temp. do you like your pool water? Do you think you will want to exercise in the pool much? How many 6' loungers do you think youll need and do you plan on a patio set also? Do your kids plan on having many friends enjoy the pool at their house? Do you want the longest possible pool season. Are you willing to make monthly payments or are you planning on paying out of pocket. I noticed a TV ad for Disney $1,500.00 family of four for a week at the park, FREE-POOL included but you gotta go home after a WEEK, no Exceptions. A pool can be one of the most enjoyable affordable investments for the home. good swimming take care.
  • Northern, CA. bay area.......pool only ...38,000 and up.....pool/spa.....50,000 and up........100,000 for pool/spa here is very normal.
  • The relative cost of your swimming pool will be dependent on where you are located and the current state of the local economy. Swimming Pools are a luxury industry and also seasonal in many areas creating a niche that is harshly impacted by economic downturn. Slow periods will drive down prices quickly.
  • Steel costs have increased for gunite swimming pools by over 250% in the last five years as an example of why current pool prices seem inflated. Material costs increased with cost of fuel increases, but have yet to drop since fuel prices have lowered.
  • To understand what a pool should cost you should consider what the cost is to build the pool. The pool comes down to engineering, permits, material ordering, framing, steel, plumbing, pressure test, electrical requirements, inspection, concrete application, mud base and perimeter tile, mechanical room plumbing, coping forms, coping pour, interior surface prep, interior finish (marble, stone or crystal based mortar) and the finish and filling of the pool.
  • The raw material and labor costs in Canada to build a gunite pool is around $25-$35,000 depending on where you are located. Typical retain pricing in Canada would be $35,000 on the low end and $65,000 on the high end.
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Q: How much should a 25 x 45 inground pool poured concrete no decking two lights auto cover polaris cleaner and pool heater cost?
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Yes it is possible to bypass an In-Floor Cleaning System. My first question would be, why would you want to? In-Floor Cleaning Systems are much more efficient than any portable cleaner. If you are having problems with your pools cleaning performance, I would look into flow adjusting your cleaning heads, before investing into a cleaner. Also It will probably be cheaper to repair the floor system, than to buy a portable cleaner. The easiest thing to do would be to buy a Polaris Suction Cleaner, such as the ATV. This can be installed via the skimmer fairly easily. If you want a pressure side cleaner, then you would need a dedicated return line. If you have wall returns already plumbed in your pool, You can retro one these lines to feed your Polaris. Polaris sells a return kit allowing you to do this. Good Luck INfloor Parts.

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