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How much should a 9 year old girl weigh?

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2009-08-03 17:28:31

== == It is said that 9 year old girls should weigh about 60-70

lbs. when I was 9, I weighed 61-64. But girls shouldn't worry about

their weight to much, because they can become under weight, and

everyone is different. Even though people should care about their

appearance, live is too short to worry if they are a couple pounds

above the suggested weight. 59 and down is considered, under weight

for this aged child. If you are 71 or older try limiting unhealthy

snacks and make those snacks fruits and vegetables. Try riding your

bike and exercising often, even if you are the suggested weight,

exercising is could for your body and keeps your blood rate up. If

you are still experiencing weight problems at this age, have salads

with your dinner and order fruit or vegetables instead of fries at

restaurants, and limit going out to eat.

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2020-05-17 21:26:34


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