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How much should a business owner pay themselves?

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i am a business owner for over 11 years I take whatever the government leaves me after they tax me to death

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Why would a business change their ownership?

Becuase they want to have a owner which can provide the business much better then the owner they have at this moment.

How much can a small business president make?

A small business president can make as much as the business owner wants them to make. If the business is small then they may not make a lot of money.

How much does a business owner make a year?

It all depends on how well their business is doing, and how well revenue is.

How much does an business's owner get paid?

It depends on how popular the business is. Problem solved!

How much training do you need to become a business owner?

more than you can afford

How much does a bussinnes owner makes?

A business owner makes a varying amount of money. Some businesses are more profitable than others. The owner will be paid an amount he or she determines the business can afford after all other expenses are paid.

Why should a company need a book keeper?

In a small business - the owner usually does everything from bookeeping to sweeping the floors. Consider that the owner or key person in a business has a great understanding of his product and can be the most effective salesperson for this product. Bookeeping is a necessary, time consuming task that should be delegated so that the owner has the time to do what he does best - sell his company and grow his business. Too many of these guys get hung up in the little details and spend way too much time doing "menial" tasks. They are wasting the most valuable asset they have - themselves. They need to be out front - meeting the people. You can hire bookeeping services part time - or for as many hours as necessary. It is the smartest thing you can do if you want your business to succeed.

Can some one invest in your business?

Anyone can invest in a business if that is what the owner wants. There will have to be an agreement on how much money will be invested, the investor's role in the business, and what percentage of the business that they want.

How do you calculate capital?

Capital can be calculated depending on the amount in putting up a business. It depends on how much the owner of the business can afford.

How much money would a concrete and landscaping business owner make?

250,000 a year

How much does a security business owner make a year?

25 million dollars anually

How much does a business owner make every year?

it depends but a good one can earn as much as 90k a year

How much money does the average small business owner make a month?

The profit is from 100 too 1000 a day depends on the business

How much semi truck owner makes money?

That all depends on how well they can manage their business. Most aspiring owner/operators don't make it.

What do a future restaurant owner have to do to get started?

first make a business as much money as you can.descide whether you want to franchise or have your own business.

How much does an auto restoration shop owner make?

Depends on his clientele and amount and quality of work.A shop owner in Los Angeles makes more than one in Boise Idaho. The owner of any business can pay him as much as he wants.

Discuss the question of how much personal communication should be permit in a business organization?

how much personal comunication should be premitted in a business organization

How much money does a business owner earn on a yearly basis?

That is determined by several factors, location, type of business, number of other business's near, population of people around the business site, price of product, price of inventory, number of employees that the job has, does the owner of the business actually work on a daily bases, the business hours of the operation.AnswerA business owner earns the net or profit that the business makes. Net is defined as the gross income that the business takes in less the total expenses of the business. As the owner, the remainder, or net is what he earns. How MuchIt depends on the business. Bill Gates makes millions of dollars each year. Some people lose money on a yearly basis. Something in between is what most people are happy with.

How much does a matco tools franchise owner earn?

40, 000 year after expensesmof runninng the business.

How To Formulate An Effective Business Plan?

There are many reasons why a business owner might want to formulate a solid business plan. For one, having a good plan is important if you want to have success as an owner. To be sure, it is difficult to make it in the business world. Even those people who have solid business plans find it difficult, so you can imagine what happens to those people who don't come into it with a great plan. Likewise, it is important to have a solid business plan if you want to get financing for your new business. So what makes a good business plan?Accurate cost and revenue projectionsOne thing that any good business plan will have is a nice calculation of how much the business will cost and how much revenue it will bring it. The costs should be broken down as much as you can break them down. You should have an accurate projection for start up costs and you should have a nice idea of how much it will cost to run the business on a daily basis. Likewise, you should chart how much revenue it will take to break even with your business. The more accurate and exact you can be with these projections, the better off you will be. Though it is probably not possible to get things exactly right, this shouldn't stop you from trying.Market research is essentialAnother key thing that ever business plan should have is market research. You should have an idea of who your customer base is going to be. You should understand this customer base and what they are looking for. Likewise, you should look to your competition and determine exactly what they are doing. With this information in hand, you will have a much better idea of how to price your goods or your services. Likewise, this will give you a picture of what it will take to expand your business in the future. A bank offering a loan will want this information and it is important information for you, too. The more of it you have, the more likely your business will be to find success.

How much should you tip an electrician?

It depends, if the eletrician in question is the owner of the business, i.e. his/her name is on the side of the truck, than $0. If the service goes well and the person is just an employee, $20.

How much does it cost to be a dog walker?

If you have a question that What problems do dog walkers face with managing their business?That means you are trying to start or looking for a business strategy or plan…then I must suggest you the question that you should aware of and that questions itself are the problems faced by dog walker business owner1. Should Study Owner Of Dog Walker Bussiness2. Tools Need To Start Dog Walking business3. How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dog Walking Business4. Dog Walker License5. Dog Walker SkillsApart from this the dog walker business owner have one common and most important problem and that is:6. How To Get Clients For My Dog Walking businessIf you are now aware of the problems then you can also excited to look for a solutionif you are interested in know more about problems and there solutionCLICK HERE

What do bookstore owners earn?

The salary of a bookstore owner has a lot of variables. How much you earn will depend on your location, your sales and how much you market your business.

Is unemployment an economic problem?

Yes, unemployment is very much an economic problem, because they are not working and expanding their business, and they're not supporting themselves. Unemployment is a weight on society that should be fixed.

How much should a business development person be allowed to spend on entrtainment and sales and marketing?

It really depends on the business and how much it is worth. If the business is worth $500,000 then they are going to spend less on advertising than a 6.2 billion dollar business. There is not a set amount that you should pay, its depends on what the business does and how much it is worth.

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