How much should a dog eat?

It's hard to say unless we know the breed, mix, sex, stature, weight, and brand of dog food.

In general, you can raise or lower the amount of dog food based on weight trends in your dog.

A healthy-weight dog will have a defined waist when looking down from the top (the waist is between the rump and the rib cage). A healthy dog's ribs cannot be seen, but they can be felt if you run your hands along the dog's torso. Consult with your vet for a diet regimen that's appropriate for your dog.
however much he wants until he throws it all up. then start over again. if the dog throws up that is not OK. you can go to your local vet and get your dog a checkup then ask the vet how much food is ok for your dog, witch dogs that are outside dogs will usually eat more but your vet will know for certain because of your dogs height and weight.
10kg everyday
It depends on how old/big,and the bread of your dog i have a 1 year old chocolate lab 100 lbs we give her 2 cups of food. It also depends on what kind of dog food you are feeding him/her.The food bag will say like age weight amount

hope this helps!