How much should a licensed thirteen year old charge to babysit that has had at least 50 jobs?

For every child-2-4=3.50. 5-8=3.00. 8+ =2.50
For meals-0.50 (snacks are free!)
For PLANED baths, depending on age-1-5 is 0.75, 6-10 is 0.25 (if the child asks me for a bath, then its free :D)

If its short notice, and 1.00 to the total,
if its for an emergency, knock 1.00 off every hour, and baths and meals are free.
*for meals i charge as a group for the children, NOT per child
*depending on how many baths i give is how much
*i charge per hour, if i babysit longer than 3 hours add 1.00
*if it is long term (being a time span of planed baby sitting, such as every couple night's, or every month, or every week) add 1.50 to total price ON LAST DAY THAT I BABYSIT
* i do NOT do every night

This should be a good pricing, its the one i use! :D