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This type of girl should weigh around 90 pounds because it is the perfect description of me! (not that I do weigh 90 pounds)

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Does the belly have to do with muscles?

any part of your body that can move has to do with muscles, so yes

Does riding a bike help with belly muscles?

Not much. You do need core strength to ride well, but riding doesn't exercise the belly muscles much.

Can you get your belly button pierced after a appendectomy?

You should have no problem with a belly ring. The piercing goes through the skin on your stomach, not your abdominal muscles. Your abs protect your insides, they'll be safe from your piercing.

What is a belly dancer?

A belly dancer is a person who performs a belly dance - a dance traditional to the Middle East which is characterized by movement of the abdominal muscles.

What is a belly dance?

A belly dance is a dance traditional to the Middle East which is characterized by movement of the abdominal muscles.

What weight do you have to be when your 11 to be able to do belly dancing?

There is no specific weight. Ideally you should have toned muscles around your stomach but apart from that anyone can do it.

What are some belly muscles?

Transversus Abdominus & Rectus Abdominus

What muscles are found in the belly and sometimes called abs?


Why does your belly button go in when you wee?

this is an embarriasing answer but you belly button goes in when you wee because your using muscles inside your body to use your urinary track like you should or you could have a breathing in when you pee problem :P Hope i helped! :)

What is an ab?

Abs is short for abdominal muscles. Also abdominal means of the belly.

What muscles do you use when throwing a lacrosse ball?

you use the upper arm and belly

What muscles are responsible for depression of the hyoid bone?

Superior belly of omohyoid muscle

Should your 13 belly be soft?

Of course! Who has a hard belly?!?!?!

Why can some people roll their abdominal muscles?

They practice coordinated movements of the abdominal muscles (done for hundreds of years, by belly dancers for instance).

What are the main muscles used in belly dance movements?

abs, obliques, gluts, and rhomboids. a strong core and leg muscles are also helpful.

What muscle contract during inhalation and what muscles contract during exhalation?

The diaphragm (dye-uh-fram) muscle contracts during inhalations, and causes your belly to push out. During exhalation, the diaphragm muscles relax and your belly flattens back out.

Should Simon go to belly dance?

i think if he wants to i guess he should go belly dancing.

What does hula-hooping do to your belly?

Hula-hooping, much like hula dancing, is an awesome way to burn belly fat, and strengthen your core muscles.

What are some high calorie burning exercises for belly fat?

There is not any exercise that will specifically burn belly fat because if you have fat in the belly area, there is extra fat in other areas of the body. Burning calories will reduce fat all over the body. Some exercises that will strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and make you belly look smaller are using a hula hoop about 10 minutes a day, doing crunches, and simply tightening the muscles and holding for as long as possible. The will tighten the muscles and make you look slimmer.

Where does the frog have the most muscles?

The most muscle mass in a frog is in the hind legs.

Why does the belly of a muscle bulge when contracted?

The belly of a muscles bulges when it is contracted because that's where all of the excess muscle is concentrated. When the muscle is not contracted, the bulge goes away.

Does the tredmill give you abs and muscles?

The treadmill gives you abs since you'll be burning the belly fat in your stomach but you'll have to do abdominal workouts. It does not give you muscles, to gain muscles you'll have to lift weights.

What all should you bring when you go to get your belly button pierced?

your belly button ?

How many crunches a day should you do to lose belly fat?

Crunches won't make you lose belly fat. Crunches work the abdominal muscles and therefore help develop (grow) the abs. Furthermore there is no thing as spot removal (removing only belly fat) you can remove body fat and eventually fat will come off your belly. To remove fat you must reduce your caloric intake and do cardiovascular exercise

How do you lose belly fat at 13?

Eat healthily and exercise more. To get more belly muscles, do sit ups. Try an elliptical machine, I'm sure 20 mins a day should keep a tummy down assuming you eat the correct foods in the correct amounts.