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How much should and eleven year old weigh?

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It depends on her height.

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A eleven year old girl of that age should weigh around 45-55 kg. Depends on the girls diet and how much exercise they get, but that is the standard average weight of an eleven year old girl.

im eleven and 5'2 too! im 97 pounds... is this normal?

that also depends on how tall she is too.

actually there is no specific weigh of an eleven year old girl, try the BMI method or some other methods

at 5ft she should weigh 105 pounds add 5 pounds for every inch

How much an eleven year old boy should weigh depends on his height, among other factors. The average weight for a boy of 11 years old who is 4 ft 7 in tall is between 62.4 lbs and 86.9 lbs.

Small-65-70 Medium-70-80 Tall-80......

it depends on how tall you are or how big you are but it should be about 86 pounds

Any were from about 90 to 110 pounds. Maybe.

An eleven year boy shouldweigh 90-100 pounds, but it actually depends on your height

im 12 and i weigh 64 pounds. it depends on height.

depends on the height, and body frame..

An eleven year old boy should have 2,300 mg a day

A 10 year old girl that's 4'11 should weigh about 85-95 pounds

i am 11 and 4"9 and i weigh 75 lb. so anywhere between 74-98 is ok =D

He is seven not eleven and weight 222 kilograms!

Typically, 11 year olds do not weigh that much. If the child is very tall for her age or had early onset of puberty, it may not be a concern but check with a healthcare provider.

An eleven year old shouldn't be worrying about her weight, even if she is an athlete. As long as she's fit and healthy that's all that matters.

Yes, very. Its not normal to have an eleven year old weigh over 120. So yes it is bad. The right weight for an eleven year old is in between 85 and 110.

Well, I did a weight calculator and and eleven year old girl that is around 4' 10" should weigh about 86 pounds. any way just be your self girl. you will probily get taller and thinner as you get older.

an eleven year old girl should weigh from 89-98 pounds depending on the thickness of your bones and your family genes

i think a 38 year old should weigh in the 180's

About 40.5 pounds to 50.5 pounds if that skinny