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Alternator belt $5.50 Labor: $25.00

Knowing you could have done it in fifteen minutes: priceless

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Q: How much should it cost for a dealer to replace an alternator belt on a Saab?
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How do you replace an alternator on a Saab 9-3?

how do you replace an alternator on an 1999 Saab 9-3

How do you replace alternators?

replace alternator Saab 2000 4 cylinder 9-5

How do install an alternator belt on a Saab 9000 turbo griffin edition?

I need to know how to replace serpirtine belt on Saab 9000s turbo

How much to replace serpentine belt on 2002 Saab 93?

Saab dealer quoted 1 hour to replace the serpentine belt. The cost of the belt was $60 canadian.

Can you Service Saab at GM Dealer?

GM does not own Saab any longer. Spyker owns it now but any Saab dealer, even if they sell GM cars should be able to.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1991 Saab 900?

you take the banana out of the exaust pipe and put it in your ear

Is there an alternator fuse in Saab 93?

is there a fuse between alternator and battery on a 2002 saab 93

How do you replace an alternator belt on a 1987 SAAB 900?

You will need to loosen the alternator belt with the tensioner pulley. When the tensioner pulley is loose the alternator belt will become loose. Put the new alternator belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley.

How much should it cost to replace Saab 9-5 alternator?

I have been quoted $725 to replace the alternator on my 2000 9-5 by a local independent Saab mechanic. This seems rather exorbitant to me - the part appears to cost $200 - $300. Unfortunately I don't have much choice - I drove it there on an overnight battery charge... for 200-300, its a rebuilt...a new alternator is around 4 to 5 hundred, plus at least 2 hours to put it in so that price is about right

How much should it cost for a dealer to replace air compressor belt on a Saab?

There aren't any Saab dealers anymore, but most auto parts stores will install a belt free if you bought it there. Rough guess...twelve dollars will more than cover it.

How do you get a code for a Saab CD player?

I would see your local Saab dealer.

How do you remove a 1988 Saab 9000 alternator?

If it is like a 1989 saab 9000, you remove the front passenger wheel, remove all the plastic from the wheel well, and the alternator should be rite there. You can also get to it by removing the manifold, which allows much easier access to the alternator, but then you need a new manifold gasket.

Are there Saab body kits for sale at Saab dealerships?

Yes ,dependant on the Saab dealer but they can sort out a body kit.

How many Saab dealers are there in Alabama?

There is only one SAAB dealer in the state of Alabama. It is located in Birmingham. There may be other used car lots which have SAABs ,but they are not a certified SAAB dealer.

Where can you get a replacement key to a 1999 Saab?

From SAAB., Your nearest dealer can get a key to match your barrel.

How do you remove alternator in a 2002 Saab 93?

steps to remove 2002 9-3 alternator

How can one locate a Saab car dealer near him or her?

There are a number of options for locating a Saab dealer. One may wish to visit the Saab website which allows one to search for dealers. Another option may be to use the Autotrader website to search for a dealer.

How do you replace a key battery on a 2004 Saab 93?

How do you replace a key battery on a 2004 Saab 93

Where can I buy a cheap Saab in Houston?

Given that Houston is a major metropolitan area and that Saab is a major auto dealer, there are several places to get a good deal on a Saab, both new and used. Ron Carter Saab is one of the dealership any Houston-based potential Saab customer should visit.

How much should it cost to replace Saab 900 alternator?

Prices are between and around, $120 - $170. Check out the Web Links for more information.This is for a rebuilt alternator. New ones can cost over $300. I got an estimate of $600 from a dealership. Replacing the alternator should take 2 - 3 hours @ $70 per hour. Best case scenario you'll spend $300 for a rebuilt alternator and the labor.

How do you replace a front indicator bulb in a Saab 9-3?

How do you replace a front indicator bulb in a Saab 93

How do you get new keys for a Saab?

You have to go to your local Saab dealer to get a new key. Unfortunately that cost a lot of money !

How do I replace the front strut on 1999 Saab 9-3?

how do i replace the front strut on 1999 Saab 9-3

Is there anyone who knows how to bypass dealer Ignition key lost on 1999 Saab 9-3 Saab dealer wants 1100.00 to repair any help?

not possiable as the key is built into the Saab radio DICE which is your radio and your imobiliser ststem

Coolant leak on your 2001 catera.?

It likely is the heater control valve on the back of the engine. It is a poor design and I have replaced it twice in 110K miles. The cost at the dealer is $290 to replace. The Saab has the same poor design I am told by the Dealer.