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Hey A== The price varies throughout the coumtry. Time and knowledge is all a mechanic has to sell. He has to put groceries on the table also. You might call a couple of local garages for estimates. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:30:33
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Q: How much should it cost for a mechanic to look at the air conditioning unit to determine why it is not working?
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How do I fix my air conditioning?

You should visit a local mechanic to get it working because working on it yourself could cause it to have further problems and you should get it done professionally.

How do you recharge your air conditioning on a 2003 Oldsmobile?

You should take it to a mechanic to have that done, it's usually not something you can do at home in your garage.

How do you determine the amount of working capital a company should have on hand?

You can determine the amount of working capital a company should have on hand at Another good website is

Heat in 1995 impala not working?

It's probably broken. You should see if you can get a mechanic to look at it for you.

What should you do if your car air conditioning doesnt work?

If you don't know what to do, take it to a registered mechanic to get the repair costs appraised. From their, you can choose to get it fixed at a shop or do it yourself.

Does Ariana Grande love her fans?

Yes, especially in the summertime, when it's warm and the air conditioning isn't working as well as it should

How many hours does a heating and air conditioning mechanic works?

A s=tandard work week is 40 hours, but he should expect overtime when winter and summer begins and heating/air conditioning systems get turned on. The hours could shoot up to 60 in a week.

You are 19 years old trained mechanic what should your wage be?

Yearly 23,000 to 33,000 depending on the size of the facility you work at and the region in the USA you are working.

Why isn't my wrangler's third brake light working?

Its probably broken so you you should go to a mechanic but I'm not a professional so i could be wrong

What would make pt cruiser over heat?

If the radiator fan is not working, it will overheat. One way to make sure fan is working is to turn on the a/c. My mechanic said the fan should come on when the a/c is on.

How many types of ducts in air conditioning system?

It varies for each home. A manual J, D, & S should be performed to determine the amount/size of ductwork that is needed.

Why is it when i push my clutch in on your 1997 sportage it is hard to put in gear?

It could be that your clutch is not longer working. You should take your car to a car mechanic, so that you can get it fixed.

Replace struts buick park avenue?

Unless you are an experienced mechanic, you should have this repair done by a professional. There is inherit danger when working with struts and coil springs.

Why does your central air conditioning quit working at night?

Chances are that it is cold enough that it isn't needed, if not then it may be timed, and if this isn't the case either then You should get a professional to look at it

Where should you plant trees to save on the air conditioning costs of a building?

"Where" should you plant trees to save on the air conditioning costs of a building?

How do you reset the air conditioning system once it is charged?

A typical automotive ac system in good working order doesn't need to be "reset". It should operate once it has been charged. Something else may be wrong if it is not working.

Do you need school to be a mechanic?

To be a mechanic, you should have a certificate. To get most of these, you just have to pass a test.

Toyota Previa wont start?

There are a number of reasons why your Toyota Previa will not start. You should ensure that the battery is working properly, that the engine is able to pump fuel and if you cannot resolve the problem, you should call a mechanic.

Should I take my car to a mechanic auto repair shop?

You should always take your car to an auto mechanic. Repairing a car can be costly, lengthy and difficult. If you are not a mechanic, then I wouldn't recommend that you repair your own car.

When air conditioning should you open windows or doors?


What is sentence for determine?

I can't determine if i should get the Honda or if i should get the Toyota.

How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R410a air conditioning compressor suction line?

Read the charging chart specific to the unit. Not all 410A machines will operate at identical pressures in identical conditions.

Is to mechanic as animal is to veterinarian?

The actual comparison should probably be written Veterinarian:Animal::Mechanic:? The answer can be car, machine, or something similar depending on the type of mechanic you are asking about.

Outside pipes on air conditioning are wet does this indicate low on freon?

no that only means that the low side (suction) of the system is working properly. the low side is and should be cold or wet from condensation the high side or (discharge) side should be hot and should not be touched system should be working fine. if the suction side ever gets hot then that would probley indicate that your out of free-on and should have some look at it

Should a car be moving to charge the battery?

It doesn't matter if the car is moving or not. If the alternator is working properly it should charge. For best results be sure everything is turned off inside the car..i.e. radio, air conditioning, ect....