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How much should it cost to get a thermostat repaired on an 1998 Saturn SL2?

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2011-09-13 04:29:26

you can pick up a new thermostat at a parts store for about

$25.00. I do not know how much a shop will charge to install it,

but it should not take more than an hour of labor, two tops if they

flush the coolant system while they are performing the repair.

there is a posting that tells how to change this out yourself if

you are interested.

man just do it yourself, all you need is a ratchet set, and some

teflon tape (to seal) and of course some spare time, follow the

upper radiator hose to the engine, slightly below that you will

find your thermo, remove it, wrap new one in teflon tape, screw it

in, replug wires (doesnt matter which way) and you are done (i

forgot to tell you, unscrew the coolant reservoir cap to relieve

pressure, and when you take the old thermo out, some coolant will

leak, and above everything else allow the car time to cool, you

don't want 150+ degree coolant touching you...)

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