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How much should it cost to install a starter?

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2011-09-13 04:29:27
2011-09-13 04:29:27

Depends on the car, How many were made, this affects parts cost. This will also affect were on the engine the starter is.

Average cars meaning car that are high production models will cost $75-$250 for the parts and then an hour or two of labor and that can run depending on the shop from $55 to $130 an hour for a best case senario to $185 to worst case of $510 dollars

Now if you have a limted production 50,000 or less the price can double or tripple, because part will not be as avalible and the designers might decide to bury the starter in the valley of the engine or some other place where it might be easier to take the engine out to get at it.

So you need to know these things before you buy the car you love, because you can fall out of love because it takes all your money.

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Hi, How much does it cost to install a starter in a home air conditioning system?

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The starter will cost you around $100. The labor cost to install it will be around $75.

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It all depends on what car you have and what salt of starter motor you have in your car.

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The starter will cost you around $85. The labor will be another $75.

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