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I paid $900 for shocks/struts and bushings. I was told that was the "brother in law" discount.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-07 21:43:47
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Q: How much should it cost to replace shocks and struts on an 2005 Toyota Avalon?
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When should I replace the water pump on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?

You should replace the water pump on a 1999 Toyota Avalon when it becomes worn out. You can also replace it when it begins leaking.

How much should it cost to replace a 1996 Toyota Avalon alternator?

The approximate cost of replacing an alternator on a 1996 Toyota Avalon depends on whether you do it yourself or have a shop replace it. The alternator costs around $125 and it would take about two hours of labor for a total of approximately $300 if a shop did it.

How do you replace the driver side mirror on a 2004 Toyota Avalon?

To replace a mirror in a Toyota vehicle, first, the negative cable of the battery should be disconnected. Then, the mirror cover should be removed from the door panel carefully, and the wiring disconnected so the mirror can be replaced.

When should you replace the timing belt on a 1997 Avalon?

I have a 1995 Avalon; you should replace the timing belt at 75 thousand miles; good luck !

How many lug nuts does a 1999 Toyota Avalon have?

It should have 5.

How do you replace the shocks on a 91 Honda accord?

It does not have shocks on the front it has struts which should only be replace by a professional. The rear shocks are easily replaced. Just unbolt them and install the new ones.

Will the bolt pattern of a 1999 Subaru impreza match up to a 1995 Toyota Avalon?

not 100% on the stud pattern for the Toyota Avalon, but if ou can find that out, the subaru pattern is 5x100 if the Toyota has the same pattern it should be fine.

How do you replace a Toyota Avalon front side parking light?

There's one screw on top of the parking light in the engine compartment that you need to remove, then it should come right out.

What is the spark plug gap for 1997 Toyota Avalon XL?

Toyota 3.0 v6 plug gap should be .044"

How much air pressure should you keep in tires for Toyota Avalon 1997?


How often should you change the transmission fluid in a 2004 Toyota Avalon?

50,000 mi

When should you change the timing belt on a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS?

90,000 miles

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