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The price of removing wisdom teeth varies from city to city and state to state. Also, keep in mind certain factors may affect the price such as; Do you have dental insurance or not? I, on the other hand, currently do not have dental insurance. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I got my first one pulled about 3 hours ago and paid in full cash of $130. ---- Here's a very "ball park" estimate of the price that you might pay to have a wisdom tooth extracted that is classified as a soft tissue impaction. Wisdom teeth that are bony impactions can cost up to twice as much to have removed. $100.00 - $350.00. Please keep in mind this is just an estimate and varies depending where you live.

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Q: How much should it cost to take out two wisdom teeth and how long is the procedure?
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If I dont have dental insurance how much will it cost me to get my wisdom teeth removed?

I think the cost is nearly $950 to get your wisdom teeth removed

What does it cost to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled?

I just had my two remaining wisdom teeth extracted at a cost of $220 per tooth and a $65 consultation fee. That seemed excessive but I needed it done.

How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth pulled?

125 per tooth

How much will delta dental pay for wisdom teeth extraction?

Delta dental is a dental insurance company. Delta dental will pay 50%-80% of the cost for the extraction of wisdom teeth.

What is the cost for 4 wisdom teeth extracted?

$1400-$1500 depending on if you have good insurance

How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth pulled?

I am having all 4 of my Wisdom teeth removed today... I live in Ontario, Canada. the most it will cost me with a local anestetic will be $1086... $271/tooth. the cheapest it will be is about $500... I have coverage through Empire Life and they cover around $116/tooth depending on the procedure taken...If you are unsure about the cost you can always ask your dentist office for an estimate... they are very helpful in that aspect.ANSWER: It just cost me $500. cash/per MOLAR, in NEW YORK, to have extracted under local anesthia.

What is the cost of extracting 2 wisdom teeth?

$800 - $2000, depending if they are impacted ($2000) or simple ($800)

If your wisdom teeth are out on the top and not out on the bottom how much should it cost to have 2 pulled and 2 cut?

Two weeks ago, we paid $1,204.00 for four wisdom teeth to be extracted. This was done by an oral surgeon who was also a medical doctor which may account for the high cost. We used this person because my son has bad allergies so we wanted the medical doctor expertise as well.

What is the cost of wisdom teeth extraction with anesthesia?

The cost of removing wisdom teeth can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors:1. How many teeth are being removed? Sometimes not all wisdom teeth require removal.2. How impacted are the wisdom teeth? Full boney impactions are usually the most costly because they are often the most complicated procedures. This can usually be determined by the dentist or oral surgeon by viewing the teeth on an x-ray.3. Are there any conditions, such as underlying medical conditions that will complicate the procedure and contribute to the cost?4. The type of anesthesia used can also affect the cost. Will it be local anesthesia only? IV sedation? Or full general anesthesia? Discuss your options with the surgeon beforehand.5. Is the surgeon a contracted provider on your insurance plan? If so, he may be obliged to take a lower fee than he might otherwise.A simple surgical extraction of a single wisdom tooth with local anesthesia can cost just a couple of hundred dollars, while multiple full boney impacted extractions with general anesthesia can cost a few thousand dollars. In any case, you are entitled to know what the upper end of your cost will be before the procedure is done. Talk to your surgeon and get firm answers before you agree to the surgery.One last piece of advice: Beware of bargains in parachutes and oral surgery.

How much should a tooth extraction cost in Massachusetts?

I got four wisdom teeth taken out in MA and the total (with good insurance) came to 220 dollars! hope that helps

What is the cost of getting your wisdom teeth removed without dental insurance?

Around $1500 regular price. Depending on services. If you go to an oral surgeon without insurance to get your wisdom teeth removed, you will pay anything from $1200-$1500. You usually need to pay half the amount up front and then you can make payments. I suggest you do what I did and go to the local college or university. I had mine extracted at UCLA school of dentistry and I paid only $130 total for all four wisdom teeth. They were professional and I actually had fun! The cost should be the same, with or without dental insurance. In Canada, a wisdom tooth extraction, for a single tooth, can cost up to $350.

How much does it cost to get your wisdom teeth removed without insurance in Ohio?

YES, calnculator is a real word Einstein

Cost of pulling a tooth?

Thatโ€™s ridiculous and growing up I had a great cost about 900% I got my wisdom teeth pulled all of them for $175 greed is such a horrible thing because peoples lives because your teeth are the most important your body to keep you well one tooth $100-$800, give me a break

How much to remove one wisdom tooth?

I just recently had my wisdom teeth out and it cost about $250 a tooth. Don't let cost get in the way of getting them out if possible. I was told to get my wisdom teeth out about five years ago and since I waited so long my wisdom teeth pushed up against the molars they were next to and damaged them so they had to be removed as well. I was also getting infections in them. For me, the initial price (For just the wisdom teeth) was $2300. That's everything the anesthesia, removal, etc. Fortunately my oral surgeon told me to ask the receptionists if there was any kind of payment plan or anyway I could knock the price down a bit. They were able to lower the price to $2237, which was even lower than the inital price for just the wisdom teeth alone! Make sure that when you go to have your teeth removed you ask about a payment plan. Most people go into the health-care field to help people.

How much does it cost to have four wisdom teeth pulled?

I just had 3 removed on January 2 and it cost $400. that included local anesthesia. No oral surgery required for my case.

Should it cost a lot to have healthy teeth?

not really. if you brush your teeth regularly for over two minutes and use a good toothbrush/ paste, your teeth should be really healthy

how much for pulling teeth and getting denture?

That will depend entirely on the dentist you choose to do the procedure. Dentures themselves can cost up to $1,000.

Why we should understand the bible?

Proverbs 4:5-7Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

How much does it cost for general anestheisa to get a tooth extracted?

I payed 150 today. It was in cash. Mind you, im in Canada... And I was getting my Wisdom teeth dug out.

Your Dentist has implied your wisdom teeth need to be removed as the bone around them have shrunk he believes this could cause a problem with thebones around your other teeth is this true you are 60 y?

It is entirely possible that your dentist is correct. However, getting wisdom teeth removed at age 60 can be an ordeal. You need a second opinion by another qualified dentist, preferably an experienced oral surgeon. He should review your medical and health history, perform a thorough clinical exam and evaluate current x-rays before rendering his opinion. Before agreeing to this surgery, make sure you are comfortable with all the risks, informed of the benefits you should expect from the procedure, and know what alternatives are available, including what happens if you do nothing. You should also know exactly what all this will cost before you agree to proceed.

Cost of having wisdom teeth pulled?

It depends on where you live because some places cost less than others, and how bad your teeth are. If they just pull them out it would cost less then if they had to drill deep in your jaw because they grew in funny. Also it depends on the type of insureance that you have and how much they would pay for the surgery.

My husband needs two teeth implanted. What is an estimated cost We have dental insurance but not sure it this procedure is covered.?

5000 Each implanted tooth costs about $1,000. Sometimes insurance will give you a discount on the procedure.

How much does tooth extraction cost?

In the United States, simple extractions may cost between $75.00 and $150 each. Surgical extractions may cost between $150, and $600, depending on the difficulty of the extraction. Non-impacted wisdom tooth extraction may cost anywhere from $150 to $350, while partially or completely impacted wisdom teeth may cost between $350 and $650.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

In the United States, simple extractions may cost between $75.00 and $150 each. Surgical extractions may cost between $150, and $600, depending on the difficulty of the extraction. Non-impacted wisdom tooth extraction may cost anywhere from $150 to $350, while partially or completely impacted wisdom teeth may cost between $350 and $650.

How much money does oral and maxillofacial sugery cost?

I got my four wisdom teeth extracted in one go, I did however get them taken out privately for the total sum of $1667.50.