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I charge a flat rate for piano tuning, $90, Perfect Piano Tuning, L.L.C., Phoenix, AZ.

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How much money would you make in a piano tuning career?

The median hourly pay for a Piano Tuningn professional is $13.47 and hour. Based on that hourly rate, the median yearly income of a piano tuner would be roughly $28,000.

How much do private piano lessons cost?

The price for piano lesson can vary from location and how well the piano teacher is. You should expect to pay between $50-$100 for a hour session

What should you price a Melodigrand 64 key piano for?

imho, the question is who in the world would buy one at all? digital keyboards are now high quality (weighted hammer key action and sound) andmoderate priced- especially if used; whereas who would buy a 64 key piano -think moving and tuning costs -versus, if you want a real piano, getting a similarly sized spinetfree from pianoadoption when theright one pops up(and pay for moving/tuning alone). why go through the trouble of a labor-pricey beginner piano first?

How much should you pay to install a subwoofer?

at the most you should have to pay 800$

Banquet facilities should be more accommodating for how much you pay.?

Banquet facilities should be more accommodating for how much you pay.

How much should you pay for a secondhand Yamaha m2g piano?

I have searched online and there is no such thing as a secondhand m2g piano. And, yes, I checked on yamaha.com, all is said was that there was no matching documents. Sorry, maybe they do not sell this product any more or you put in the wrong company or product.

How much should a barber pay to rent a chair?

They should pay anywhere from $250 to $300.

How much should you pay for laptop?

i think you should pay about $500 for a decent laptop or netbook

How much should babysitters pay you?

If your 13 an working as a babysitter how much should you get payed

How can you get the horsepower of my car?

The only foolproof way is to get your car Dyno tested at a shop. A tuning shop would have the equipment to do so. But if you don't want to pay someone, and your engine is fairly new, then grab the owners manual and look up how much it should have.

How much should you pay a nanny?

You should pay a Nanny $75 dollars a week if they are living there for the two weeks! If they are not you should pay them at least $95-120 a week.

How much should you pay in rent?

It's suggested that your rent should not exceed 30% of your take home pay.

How does the mother pay for her daughters piano lessons?

A mother can pay for piano lessons by cash, check or credit card. The type of payment depends on what the teacher accepts.

How much do you have to earn to pay tax in South Africa?

if im earning R10,000 how much should i pay tax

How much income tax does Harry Reid pay?

Too much, only billionaires should pay taxes. :-)

How much should you pay a sales person?

as much as you think they deserve.

How much should you pay for a beginner horse?

Why pay anthing, just Adopt one.

How much do you pay your dog sitter?

People should pay 5 dollors a hour

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You should pay around $100-$250 for windshield glass repair.

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they should pay atleast minimum wage if not more they should pay atleast minimum wage if not more

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Couples should pay no less than $500/month for rent.

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This is such a rhetorical Question I would pay nothing because chat rooms should be free.

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