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How much should you weigh being 5'2?


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=You should be 110 pounds to be in the Ideal weight zone=


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How much should a 52 yr old man weigh height is 6'1

Emily weigh about 110-115 pounds (50-52 kg).

Megan weigh arround 115-120 pounds (52-54 kg).

A woman who is 52 years old and 5'1 ideally should weigh between 106 to 118 lbs. with a small frame. For a woman with a medium sized frame the weight should be between 115 to 129 lbs. For larger frames a woman should weigh between 125 to 140 lbs.

The healthy weight range for somebody 5'6 should be about 115-150 pounds.

Maitte perroni is really slim She is only 52 kg

A day old chick can weigh from 15 grams (.52 ounces) to about 30 grams(1.05 ounces) depending on the breed.

Nobody know exactly, but i'd say 52-55 kilos.

On earth, 52 kg of mass weighs 114.64 pounds. (rounded)

my nine year old is little because she weighs 52 and shes reallysupposed to weigh 79. She will be ten in January, the 23rd.

my MALE sharpei, husky mix weighed 52 lbs.

The weight of a piano can vary greatly. A 52 inch long and 42 inch high Stark upright piano will weigh between 300 and 500 pounds.

As per the chart your weight should be between 55 -62 kgs according to your height. but as your are going to gain weight as age increases you have to control it between 52-58kgs. at present.

Im 11 and i weigh 100 pounds which is underweight so 90lbs-110lbs.

yes they should weigh at least 80 pounds

Any weight between 52-68kg (115-150lb) gives a person of 5'6 a healthy body mass index (between 18 - 24)

Around 50-52 pounds. I have been a doctor before. My kids are 8 and 2 and my 8 year old weighs 56 pounds. I know because we were @ the doctor yesterday.I am 32 and weigh 104 pounds and I will tell the whole world!!!

The 'H' model as flown now, has a take-off weight of 488,000lb.

Angelina Jolie has been criticized many times in the past for her weight and how thin she has appeared to be. Angelina stands 1.73 m tall and she is said to weigh 52 kg.

52 kilograms is a measure of mass, not of weight. A mass of 52 kilograms would weigh approx 509.6 Newtons on the surface of the earth. This converts to approx 3668 pounds weight. 52 kg is mass, but is equivalent to 2.2 pounds weight; thus 52 kg is equivalent to 2.2 x 52 = 114 pounds

46-0-0 weighs between 45 and 52 pounds per cubic foot

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