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It can vary depending on a lot of things, but in general, one that tall should weigh about 110-140 pounds.

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Who much should a 5 ft 4in 12 year old-boy weigh?

The normal weight for a boy who stands 5 feet 4 inches tall should be between 110 pounds to 140 pounds. The child is considered overweight if they are between 145 pounds and 169 pounds.

How tall is Malcolm Fraser?

Malcolm Fraser is 6 ft 4in tall.

What is a chickadees size?

A Black-capped is 6in. tall. Carolina is 4in. tall.

How tall and heavy should an average 14 year old be?

Hey Guys! i am a 14 y.o and i am 5 ft 4in tall! i varys...hope this helped!

How tall is Constance Marie?

Constance Marie is 5ft 4 3/4in tall.

What is the size of Daewoo lanos speakers?

There oval shaped, 5 3/4in tall, 3 3/4in narrow end

How tall is Jesse Ventura?

Jesse Ventura (6ft 4in)

How tall is Tony Hadley?

Tony Hadley is 6ft 4in

What is the average weight for a 15 year old girl that's 5ft 4in tall?

110-130 im 5ft 4in and 15 years old and i weigh 125lbs but im a highly competitive dancer so im pretty much all muscle with a small frame but im on the higher end because muscle weighs more then fat.

How much does 5 cu ft of pea gravel weigh?

Closely estimated to 6.422 T. Covers about 400 square feet at a base depth of 4in.

How tall is cymphonique miller?

Cymphonique Miller is 5ft 3in or 5ft 4in.

How much is 6ft 4in in cm?

It is 193.04 centimeters.

Was president Lincoln the tallest president?

He ties with Lyndon B. Johnson; both were 6ft 4in tall.

Is a ladybug 4 inches?

it is not 4in it is 1/4in long

How many ft is 4in?

4in is less than 1 ft so 4in is a fraction of a foot 4/12 = 1/3 4in = 1/3ft = .33 ft

How tall is Cheryl Miller?

The answer is 6ft 4in according to www.atrl.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-42098.html .

Which president was 6ft 4in tall?

Abraham Lincoln , at 6' 4" , was the tallest US President.

How do you find the perimeter for 4ft 10in plus 6ft 4in?

Perimeter = 2*(4ft 10in+6ft 4in) = 22ft 4in

How big is a frisian horse?

This horse is about 15 hands tall at the withers. The withers is at the base of the neck. Each hand is about 4in.

How tall is 14.2 hands in feet and inches?

If my math is correct (always questionable) 4ft 10in. with a hand being 4in.

Is a twelve-year-old girl who is 5ft 4in tall and weighs 120lb overweight?

i would say yes it would be. it would be better if u were somewhere along 99-110. But don't think its all because you eat so much. also you are tall and that makes you weigh a little more. just exercise and don't snack too much. also drink at least one glass of milk per day hope this helps

Is 4ft 4in bigger than 56in?

No because 4ft 4in is equal to 52in

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