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Male 45yr old 5ft 10 inches

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Is there something like slim quick for men?

I don't know of a pill to help a man compared to a woman but I am a 44yr old male and I have been using the a meal replacement shake and I have lost over 10 lbs and over 8 inches but I have also added weightlifting to my daily routine and have added 2 inches to my chest and about an inch to my arms. I had great success with this and I know several others that have as well both men and woman! Hope this helps! mbarrett528@yahoo.com

What are the chances that a relationship will last between a 44yr old Virgo man dating a 31yr old Gemini woman that has been deeply hurt by family and boyfriends?

That would really depend on the two of you but in order for the woman to have any type of healthy relationship(s) she is going to have to face, admit and deal with these issues of the past in order to move forward. Seeking counselling is a good start.

You are 44yr old with periods every 2 weeks and have hypothyroidism is this normal?

Hypothyroidism can cause irregular periods. If you are 44 years old it can also be the beginnings of menopause. It would be best to discuss it with your doctor.

What to do about Mental abuse from your husbandHe has ruined our finaces beond repairable I am a 44yr old mother of a 2yr old and I'm so scared to leave He said he would take my son I'm so scared?

Don't let his threats scare you. You are the strong one in this, and there is hope in the legal system. He's threatening you because he has no worth in himself. If you think he's abusing you, he is. Seems best to do whatever you can for your son to keep him from being abused too.

What are the Determinants of demand for cement?

1. Cement demand - High correlation with GDP :Cement demand is directly linked to economic activity. Since infrastructure investments and construction activity, which are the main drivers of cement demand, are key components of GDP, cement demand growth has high correlation to GDP growth. Further, housing (both rural and urban), also a determinant of cement demand, depends on agricultural productivity and income levels, which are again a key components of GDP.2. Shift in population profile:Continued growth in population and change in population profile also effect on the demand of cement. Based on decline in average age of home purchasers coupled with higher income levels, we believe that the population within the 25-44yr age group is critical to the growth in housing demand as well as the cement demand will also increase.3. Income Level:Strong economic growth helps boost disposable income. This coupled with easy availability of finance enables households to migrate from nonpucca houses to urban pucca housing and results in increase in demand for larger houses, thereby raising average size of dwelling units. Thus it will also increase the demand of cement as it is the main component of building houses.4. Infrastructure development:The demand of cement industry depends on infrastructure facilities in the field of coal & power supply and rail transportation for its sustainable development. Good number of large infrastructure construction projects like Padma Bridge, Flyovers, and highways are on the pipeline. So there is a huge demand of cement for this type of infrastructural development.5. Access of loan/finance:The expansion of mortgage lending and construction reflects a greater demand for infrastructure building, to be beneficial for the cement industry. Now-a-days many financial institutes are providing home loans and commercial loans, which may help to boost up the demand of cement.6. Nuclear families and urbanization:The joint family system in Bangladesh has been gradually moving towards nuclear families. Migration of population towards urban areas due to better job opportunities coupled with rapid urban infrastructure development would affect the increase of the demand of cement. Hence, with the ever-growing population, expected reduction in the size of an average Bangladeshi household, outlook for housing demand remains extremely positive.7. Price level:Cement is almost a price inelastic product as it does not have any close substitute in the short run. So if it is required to build something, then the demand of cement is must, no matter whatever the price is. Moreover, the pricing of cement of various players in the industry are very close to one another. The model of industry competition has led to a remarkable stability in cement prices in recent years, encouraging greater demand.8. Fiscal incentives and development plans:Fiscal incentives and development plans helps to continue boosting cement demand. Fiscal incentives granted by the Government have provided boost to housing demand. Additionally, the budget of Bangladesh is also emphasizing on ADP (Annual Development Plan) which includes developing the roads and contractions, schools, hospitals etc, which will increase the demand for cement.9. Business opportunities:Bangladesh is also providing incentives for the foreign investors (EPZ). While construction activity and housing market have attractive returns on investment, encourage the entry of investors and construction companies. This can be a positive determinant of the demand of cement.10. SeasonalityBangladesh cement industry is known for its seasonality which can be as high as 50%. Cement demand declines during the monsoons due to a slowdown in construction activities. On the other hand, though the yearly capacity of the industry is saturated with overcapacity, market demand gets matched or cross the effective capacity during the first 5 to 6 months of the year.11. CompetitionIn cement industry there is an intense competition among players regarding price due to homogeneous product. So, if the price of the imported cement decreases, then the demands of local cement will decreases and vice-versa.12. Price of related goods:There is no "Substitute" for Cement. Steel can be used in construction but in limited extent due to its high cost. On the other hand, in rural areas of the country that may use "quincha" (a mixture of straw and mud), but it cannot be matched with the quality of cement.13. Taxes and TariffsThe multinational cement companies are at an advantage because they import their own clinker. They just need to pay the import duty and taxes. They also have an advantage as the government allows them to import at a very low cost if the work is done for the government. But the local companies have to pay the import duty and also the price of the clinker. For this reason, the price of local cement is higher than the imported cement. Thus the demand for local cement falls.

How much should a woman weigh if you are 5 feet 8 inches tall?

If you are smaller then you should weigh between 126-139. If you are in the middle then you should weigh between 136-150. And if your larger then you should weigh between 146-167!

How much should a 5'4 woman weigh?

A woman who has a height of 5 feet 4 inches should weigh between 108 and 132 pounds. To maintain this weight, one should eat a healthy diet with the correct amount of food.

How much should a female weigh that is 5 foot and 11 inches?

the weight of a woman deends on how fat or how skinny she is.

How much should someone 5 feet 11 inches weigh?

A person that is five feet 11 inches should weigh 65kg

You are a 5ft 4 woman with large frame what should you weigh?

what should a 5ft 5 woman with a large frame weigh? Thank you for your support!

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