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None. They are all copper-nickel.

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There is no silver in a 1972 US half dollar.

A 1936 Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

A Franklin half dollar contains approximately .36oz of silver

A Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

How much is a 1968 kennedy silver half dollar worth

How much is a silver Kennedy half dollar worth?

There are .3617 troy ounces of silver in a 1958 Franklin half dollar.

Approximately how much is a 1929 silver dollar

There are .1479 troy ounces of silver in a 1967 US Kennedy half dollar.

Half dollars 1965-70 are 40% silver.

The weight of the U.S. silver half dollar has changed over the course of it's history. In 1794 the silver half dollar weighed 13.48 grams and was 89.24 % silver. Then in 1836 the silver half dollar weight was changed to 13.36 grams and was 90% silver. In 1892 the silver half dollar weight was again changed to 12.50 grams which was the weight used until the final 90% silver half dollar struck for circulation was issued in 1964.

The coin is only 40% silver and has a value of $2.73 only the 1964 Kennedy half dollar was 90% silver.

No Kennedy half-dollar from 1971 to date made for general circulation contains any silver.

There are .3617 troy ounces in a 1962 US half dollar.

1973 Denver and Philadelphia half dollars were made out of copper-nickel rather than silver. The last circulating halves to contain any silver were the 40%-silver clad coins struck from 1965 to 1969. Please see the Related Question for more information.

It's worth about $6.00 just for the silver

No half dollars intended for circulation minted since 1970 contain any silver. No 1972 half dollar has any silver. It is only worth 50 cents.

The 1966 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver and worth about $5.00.

Please look at the coin again and post new question. The U.S. Mint did not produce a 1973 U.S. Constitution Silver dollar.

The '64 Kennedy half dollar contains 90% silver with 10% copper and weighs 12.5 grams. That's 11.25 grams of silver.

About $1.25 for the silver.

It only has silver if it's a '76-S half, in which case it contains 40% silver.

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