How much space does a budgie need?


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A budgie will need a medium sized cage, but dont squash it in to much!


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This usually depends on the budgie or the store. If you buy a really fancy budgie, it may cost as much as a ferret or more. A regular budgie costs as much as $20-$29.

a budgie needs enough water to last at least two days. it is also good to put a container with water about 1.5 cm deep so your budgie can have a nice bath

If you are speaking of the American budgie, typically 30 grams

Never put your budgie in cold air, the breeze can make him sick. Put your budgie in warm air!

if you have a budgie for quite awhile and then get another budgie your original budgie will get territorial and attack the newer bird. If this is the case you need to get to cages and slowly show the new budgie to the older budgie. keep doing it again and again until eventually you should be able to keep the two birds in one cage.

Because it is not used to you. Your friend's budgie is not yours, and so you don't spend much time with it. Therefore, the budgie hasn't got

when we got our budgie it costed about $250-$300 but it's worth it because you want your budgie to enjoy it's life and live it healthy.

It means your budgie is ill and you need to take your bird to an avian veterinarian.

You must get it to trust you first. You have to let it know that you respect it's space and then it will begin to get curious about you. Here's how I got my budgie to trust me:

They need as much space as a horse would need but they might need a little more space to roam and to go to the bathroom.

a zebra need a lot of space

they need about a shed sized space . x

They need about 3 feet of space and they need yo mama to look out for them

The girl budgie would attack the new boy budgie and not the old girl budgie because she is used to the other girl budgie and is not familiar to the new boy budgie.

A cage for a budgie needs to be fairly large. They need to feel safe but it also needs to be big enough for them to be able to move around and climb.

You need to be trained and know what do in the Rocket in Space.

because they can die from the lack of space

A single English budgie should have 40 droppings a day,if not,then that's a problem.

elephants need a lot of space for exaple it needs 100 times more space then my house

it will need a lot space too grow and need a half sun light

bettas need little space to live. they do not like big spaces.

Definitely! If a budgie has dull feathers, it may not be getting proper nutrients, but if it has feathers that look like a sickly greenish-brown color, it need WAY more water. it may being poisoned with too much nutrients. DO NOT over-feed these things But, yes. If your little Budgie buddy has colorful feathers, and seems to not lack energy, he is the picture of health! Have fun with your Budgie!

They don't need that much....... 5 feet

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