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Broccoli needs a space of about 12 to 24 inches in order to grow. This is what makes it possible to grow broccoli in the house.

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How much space does a carrot need to grow?

carrots need about 5 inches to grow

How much space do lima beans need?

it will need a lot space too grow and need a half sun light

What type of soil do you need to grow broccoli in?

broccoili soil

Why do plants need space to grow?

plants need space to grow or else they will get crowded and die

Do plants need space to grow?

Yes plants need space to grow because without the space the roots will get tangled then the plant won't grow to it's fullest

Do bearded dragons need space to grow?

Yes, bearded dragons need plenty of space to grow. They should be in a terrarium measuring 4ftx2ftx2ft (LxWxD)

How much water does broccoli need?

1 litre per stock'

What do pumpkins need to grow?

they need water nutriens ,soil,salt.and grass.also a big space for it to grow

How do plants grow in outer space?

i dont think thay can grow because the plants need oxygen and there is not oxygen in outer space

Can seeds grow in space?

well in a space station or some were like that maybe, but plants need air so they couldn't grow outside (or what ever they call it in space).

How much space does an octopus need?

if it will grow to small 6 to 8 inches it will need a 10 foot aquarium .If you are looking for zoo size you need 2000 feet per octopus.

How much space does zebras have to live in the zoos?

They need as much space as a horse would need but they might need a little more space to roam and to go to the bathroom.

How much space does a zebra need?

a zebra need a lot of space

How much space does a mouse need to get in?

Small space

How much space do python need?

a lot of space?

How much broccoli salad for 130 people?

Vegetable servings are usually 1/2 cup per person. So you'd need 260 cups of broccoli.

Does broccoli have as much as calcium as that in milk?

no where close you need dairy if you want to eat enough calcium

How much space do flamingos need?

not that much

What is needed for healthy plants to grow?

plants need water air sun space and soil to grow

How Much Sun Do Potatoes Need To Grow?

people need about 67% of sun to grow

How much oxygen does an astronaut need in space?

The same amount they need on earth. just because theyre in a different place doesnt mean their needs change. Space99boy: Actually they need slightly more because you grow more in space because there is no gravity.

How do trees compete?

Trees need space to grow and spread their roots. they also need light

How much space does a barn owl need?

they need about a shed sized space . x

How much space do deer need?

They need about 3 feet of space and they need yo mama to look out for them

How much space does a koala need?

enough space to move