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Q: How much sun does a zucchini need to grow?
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How Much Sun Do Potatoes Need To Grow?

people need about 67% of sun to grow

How much sun goes potatoes need to grow?

potatoes need about 67% of sun to grow

Do rabbits need sun to grow?

Rabbits do not directly need the sun to grow. However, they do rely on plants that require the sun to grow for food.

Does tropical fish need sunlight to grow?

Yes and no they need sun light to grow but don't give them to much or it will rewind your tank

Do plants need the sun to grow?

yes, they really need sun to grow because they use sun to make foods.

Do Cannas need full sun to grow?

Cannas do need full sun to grow and flower properly.

Plants need what from the sun to grow?

They need the sun energy for photosynthesis

How do coconuts grow?

they need water and sun to grow!

How much sun do dogtooth violets need?

They prefer to grow in the shade, under trees.

Does a cactus need much sunlight?

Deserts have lots of sun and cactus grow in the desert.

How much space do lima beans need?

it will need a lot space too grow and need a half sun light

Do sunflowers need sun or shade?

they prefer the sun buy they can grow in the shade they will grow bigger in the sun

Why does Palm Trees need to be in the sun to grow?

of corse the dont need sun

Do flowers grow well?

flowers will grow well if you take care of them. give them as much sun and water they need depending on the plant

What does grass need to grow?

water and sun

Where do plants get the energy they need to grow?

from the sun

What does the sun do to plants?

The sun provides energy to the plants, which they need to grow.

How much sunlight does a mint plant need in order to grow?

Mint plants grow in full sun or in partial shading. Six or more hours of full sun exposure is best.

How do plants grow and what do they need?

Plants grow from what they need is the sun, soil, water, and the nutrients in the soil.

How do crops grow?

To grow crops you need sun and water over time the crops will grow. Don't give the crops too much water or sunlight or it will overflow.....

Do you grow sunflowers inside or outside?

if you think about it, it's in the name sun. They need to grow outside to get to the sun. but you can grow them inside to.just put them by a window that has alot of sun

Do bean plants grow better in the sun or shade?

bean plants grow in the sun cause they need nutrition all plants need nutrition

Does plants need sun light to grow?

Yes, plants need sunlight to undergo photosynthesis and grow.

Why do tomatoes need sun light to grow?

Yes, preferably direct sun.

Does lavender need sun to grow?

Being a Medditeranean plant it prefers the sun.