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How much supplies did Berlin Airlift receive?


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April 24, 2011 8:03PM

The British had calculated the absolute survival needs for each and every Berliner well before the US determined that such an effort was mandated. They had even initiated an airlift of their own and knew that it could never be sustained. The tonnage required a massive and coordinated effort which seemed to be possible only in the short term. Winter coal requirements mandated doubling the tonnage without a change to the calorie intake.

Within 9 months Major General Tunner, had turned the corner and was providing a 25 % reserve on fuel, flour and dried staples by flying in over 300,000 tons of material per month. It was never just a US effort allthough 66% of all US C-54's were involved. France built a modern air strip within 90 days and when the approach was restricted by a Soviet Radio Tower they marched in and destroyed the Soviet Tower. The German people were involved in the effort, repairing airstrips and unloading aircraft.