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The British had calculated the absolute survival needs for each and every Berliner well before the US determined that such an effort was mandated. They had even initiated an airlift of their own and knew that it could never be sustained. The tonnage required a massive and coordinated effort which seemed to be possible only in the short term. Winter coal requirements mandated doubling the tonnage without a change to the calorie intake.

Within 9 months Major General Tunner, had turned the corner and was providing a 25 % reserve on fuel, flour and dried staples by flying in over 300,000 tons of material per month. It was never just a US effort allthough 66% of all US C-54's were involved. France built a modern air strip within 90 days and when the approach was restricted by a Soviet Radio Tower they marched in and destroyed the Soviet Tower. The German people were involved in the effort, repairing airstrips and unloading aircraft.

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Q: How much supplies did Berlin Airlift receive?
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What was NATO's role in the Berlin airlift?

Not so much NATO's role in the Berlin Airlift, but the Berlin Airlift in the role of the forming of NATO is more important.

Why did Truman airlift supplies to Berlin?

Becuase France had set up a blockade in east Africa and the people of Spain couldn't get their supplies that they needed very much

What was the US response to the blockade of Berlin?

President Truman responded to the blockade by sending planeloads of much-needed supplies to West Berlin. For more information on the Berlin Airlift consult the online Truman Library and Museum by following the link to the left.

How did President Truman respond to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin?

President Truman responded to the blockade by sending planeloads of much-needed supplies to West Berlin. For more information on the Berlin Airlift consult the online Truman Library and Museum by following the link below.

Whats the definition of the Berlin airlift?

measure of how much work can be done in a lenght of time

How was Joseph Stalin involved in the Berlin Airlift?

He was the reason the Berlin Airlift took place. Berlin was in the Soviet sector of post-war Germany, but Berlin itself was divided much like the country. Stalin was upset with the Western alliance (U.S., Britain, and France) for producing the London Programme. The London Programme outlined the creation of a Western German state. Stalin stopped all rail, water and road traffic to and from Berlin in hope that the London Programme would be halted. This was legal because the Western alliance did not put in writing the free access to their respective sector of Berlin. The choices were to use military forcce to break the blockade of airlift all the supplies. Since no economy could support another world war they chose to airlift all the goods to Berlin. This disheartened Stalin and he eventually lifted the blockade of Berlin.

Why was the Berlin blockade unsuccessful?

Half of the British Commonwealth decided to airlift in food and supplies, and the Soviets weren't going to start WWIII just yet by shooting down civilian aircraft that are delivering supplies, so they just decided not to screw around with them too much. >> The Soviet blockade of Berlin was thwarted by a combined effort of the US Air Force , Royal Air Force , Royal Australian Air Force , Royal Canadian Air Force , Royal New Zealand Air Force and South African Air Force who , collectively , lifted the siege by flying in enough supplies to sustain the city of Berlin . ~ see related link below .

How did the US prevent communism after World War 2?

The United States did not prevent communism after World War II, but it did attempt to slow its spread. Two of the best examples of this are the Korean War and the Berlin Airlift. In the Korean War, the United States assisted the fledgling South Korean government when the communist North Koreans invaded. When the Soviet Union attempted to strangle Berlin, the United States flew nonstop missions to deliver much needed food, supplies and medicine (the Berlin Airlift). Small proxy wars were fought all over the globe, most of which never directly involved the two 'superpowers.' This worldwide game of chess was repeated throughout the Cold War.

What war began as World War 2 ended?

The 'Cold War' follows WW2 directly. There is much mistrust between Russia & the western allies. The Berlin Airlift, the Korean War & the Cuban Missile Crisis are all features of the cold war.

Was the Berlin Blockade the same thing as the Cold War except with a different title?

If one can draw analogies with battles or campaigns in a regular or(Hot) war, the Berlin blockade-and the airlift that ensued can be described as major (Campaigns) as they were spread out. There was much popular propaganda(on Buses as late as the sixties) indirectly pushing the Berlin theatre- ads for CARE packages , nealty camouflaged Gi"s pushing Defense bonds, etc, all of this long after the(Big Lift). The Berlin Airlift qualilfies as a majopr Campaign in action, though not combative, and not merely a propaganda pitch. In fact the Armed Forces issued what was called a Campaign medal to the members and survivors of the Berlin Humanitarian action as it was called, nearly all to USAF personnel, thogh some Navy tranport squadrons(land based, using Constellations and the like) were also seconded to this important operation.

Was west Berlin controlled by the soviet union?

No it was not, east was controlled by russia Pat's answer: West Berlin was controlled by the American, British, and French occupying military forces. It was originally administrated by the Soviets, American, British, and French forces, but the Soviets tried to force the western allies out of Berlin by a road and rail blockade, which was checked by Berlin Airlift. Berlin was completely surrounded by the Soviet East German territory. In the 60s, the Soviets built a wall around West Berlin (to keep their East German citizens from escaping). One had to travel through Soviet Checkpoints and across 100 miles designated East German highways and another Soviet Checkpoint before entering West Germany, The allied forces allowed the West Berlin citizens to form their own government and operate the city as they wanted. It was a shining star surrounded by the Iron Curtain. Much of the needed supplies and fresh groceries required by West Berlin later came from East Germany. The water supply system was operated and controlled from East Berlin.

What was the Berlin Blockade and Airlift of 1948 and 1949?

The Berlin AirliftWhen Germany was divided into zones at the end of World War 2, Berlin was divided into four sectors - one Soviet, one American, one British and one French. Geographically, Berlin was situated deep inside the Soviet Zone of Germany. In June 1948, following various disagreements between the West and the Soviet Union, Stalin had all surface links between West Berlin and the western zones of Germany cut. West Berlin (with a population of about two million) was in effect placed under a siege which is usually referred to as the Berlin Blockade. The point of the blockade was to try to force the Western countries out of Berlin. (The immediate trigger was the introduction of the new currency, the Deutsche Mark, in West Berlin as well as West Germany). Much to the surprise of the Germans, the West responded by supplying West Berlin by air. It was a huge undertaking and a Western plane took off or landed every 30-40 seconds, round the clock. In the winter of 1948-49 conditions became very difficult as all coal for the electricity generating stations had to be flown in. (Please bear in mind that at the time military transport planes were much smaller than now). The blockade lasted till May 1949.AnswerThe relief provided by air by America, Britain and France to West Berlin when it was blockaded by Stalin's Soviet Union in 1948-49. It lasted from 24 June 1948 to 30 September 1949, continuing even after the Soviet Union abandoned the blockade in May 1949, to enable a stockpile of three monthe supplies in case the Soviets attempted another blockade.

How much is a piece of the Berlin Wall?

Look at and the prices are there

How much did it cost to build the Berlin Wall?

how much it cost to build thr Berlin wall 16,155,000 :(

Why did the fall of the Berlin Wall and the student protest at Tiananmen Square receive so much attention worldwide?

The Berlin Wall and the Tiananmen Square got so much attention because a lot of people got killed or wounded. Both were places were people protested Communism and wanted western freedom.

How did the loss of New Orleans affect the Confederacy?

They lose everything that they had for the New Orleans They lost a major port of trade, and therefore a place to receive much-needed supplies.

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Being lighter and more efficient the new small shelter system reduces airlift sortie requirements by as much as?


Why did people try to escape east Berlin?

For the freedom. In east Berlin your life was observed and controlled by the government and the was no freedom of speech/press and the was no process if someone was accused of a crime. Also in West Berlin the economy was good with high paid jobs, were as East Berlin was much, much poorer.

Morale in West Germany 1948?

In 1948 morale in West Germany was boosted by the introduction of a new (and sound) currency, the Deutsche Mark. The Berlin Airlift did much to encourage pro-Western sentiment. It became possible for many in West Germany to envisage a return to some kind of normality, despite the Cold War. Joncey

How much rainfall does Berlin Germany get every month?

Berlin Germany gets 20 inches of rainfall in a month

How much was it to build the Berlin Wall?

Berlin Wall Cost a Whopping $655Billion To Build, And the whole $600billion was on concrete

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Different places the Berlin Wall was located?

As its name suggests, the Berlin Wall was in Berlin. It ran north to south across the middle of Berlin. There was also a much longer barrier across the middle of Germany, about 100 miles west of Berlin, separating East Germany from West Germany.

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