How much tax does one have to pay in the state of California?

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The taxes in California varies by what city in California someone is in. The rate varies of 4% to 7%. This rate for general goods. People in California also pay an income tax.
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If you buy material in one state and have them shipped to another where do you pay sales tax?

The tax would be paid when and where you buy the item, like buying a car in Maryland and you live in Delaware. But it depends what you are buying and how you are buying it, Sellers on eBay will charge people who livei n Florida or New York their appropriate sales tax. If you personally buy something ( Full Answer )

When do you not pay state taxes?

Answer . When someone else claims you as a dependent or if you make less than the minimum income set by the state. This number appears in your tax packet as well as on-line. You can also call the Department of Revenue.

How can I buy a car in California and ship it so I only pay tax registration in my own state since the dealer claims I have to pay CA tax registration?

To avoid paying California "use tax", you need to have the vehicle shipped out-of-state by a common carrier. If you take delivery of the vehicle in California, you are supposed to pay the tax. Most other states do not require the payment of tax if you take delivery within the state, obtain a removal ( Full Answer )

Does the buyer of a car in a private party transaction have to pay a USE tax to the state of California?

Answer . I believe that fee, if you have to pay it, would be included in the taxes and fees you pay at the DMV when you re-register the car under your (the buyer's) name. I have not heard of a use tax, but I know you do have to pay a certain percentage of what your purchasing price was in taxes t ( Full Answer )

Do California Cities pay sales tax?

California cities are exempt from paying taxes themselves. However,many cities in California have a city tax that residents must payin addition to any other taxes. City tax is often added to thestate sales tax.

What do federal and state taxes pay for?

State: roads, state parks, police departments. Federal : national parks , war . They also pay for law enforcement (police, sheriff and deputies), fire departments, education (teacher salaries, books, schools, etc.), various government and public services, to name a few.

Why do California immigrants not pay taxes?

Illegal immigrants are not paying taxes because they think they dont need to,also because they are ILLEGAL immigrants so they dont what people to find out that they are illegal immigrants!

Which state pays more in taxes?

A State, if for no other reason than not being a profit entity, and hence not making any taxable income, doesn't pay taxes.

Do you pay taxes on state disability?

No because disability payments come from taxes, so it would notmake sense. Disability payments do not come from the state they arefederal.

In which states you do not pay sales tax?

In Minneapolis, Minnesota there is a 0.5% sales tax. But there is NO sales tax in Delaware

Which states do not pay state tax?

Florida, Texas, Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, and South Dakota all do not have a state income tax, whereas Tennessee and New Hampshire only tax on interest and dividend income.

What states do not tax retirement pay?

There are different kinds of retirement pay. Some, such as Illinois, exempt all retirement pay from taxes. Others exempt Social Security benefits, and/or military pensions, and/or public pensions, and/or private pensions, or nothing at all. So there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question.. ( Full Answer )

How much taxes is owed on an eleven million dollar lottery prize in the state of California?

Taxed both Federally and State at your ordinary income rate, it's just like any other income, whatever that rate for you would be - (depends on many factors, dedcutions, other income, other expenses, businesses, etc).. The State and Fed will withhold an amount of the payout as an estimated tax (lik ( Full Answer )

How much is inheritance tax in california?

California no longer collects inheritance tax. This law wasabolished in June of 1982. Any inheritance received is tax free inthis state.

How much is property tax in California?

The property tax in California can vary from year to year. However, to calculate the California property tax for one's home is quite simple. The tax can not exceed more than 1% of the home's value and can not increase more than 2% from the previous year.

How much federal and California state tax to pay filing jointly income 91000?

You are the only one that has all of the necessary information that will have to be reported on your 1040 FEDERAL income tax return for the year in order to do the calculation for the numbers that you are looking for. After you complete your 1040 federal income tax return correctly to your TAXABLE ( Full Answer )

What is the state tax of California?

California has many different kinds of taxes : income taxes sales taxes property taxes cigarette taxes gasoline taxes vehicle taxes many more that I can't think of offhand

How much sales tax will you pay on a new car purchased in California?

State is now 8% but it could be more depending on where you buy it. Different cities/counties add to the basic tax. Some places are nearly 10%. Our registration fees have now doubled too, so if you get a new car think of that. My Pruis will now run me 250.00 for a 5 year old car this is up from the ( Full Answer )

How much tax does one pay on casino winnings?

Gambling or lottery winnings are taxed like any other income. . How much you pay ultimately depends on your own tax situation and personal tax rate. That all depends on things like your other earnings (or losses), marital status, number of dependents, types of expenses and deductions, where you li ( Full Answer )

How much tax do you pay on one billion dollars?

It would be unimportant and the Q itself is foolish. NO ONE makes a Billion in a year...there are very few billionaires in the entire world...and that is after a lifetime of success...not as income... Anyone even with many millions of income and substantial assets would be involve ( Full Answer )

How much does one pay for child support for one child in California?

That is dependent of related factors: . Do you have a new spouse or S/O; . What is the amount of incomes of the parents; . The cost of medical medical coverage; . The cost of daycare; . Other children, in the home or outside, you're supporting; . The amount of time spent with the child; ( Full Answer )

Which state does not pay state taxes?

Several States don't have income taxes - like the Dakotas, Florida, Nebraska, Nevada) can't just look at rates or a type of tax. The income they tax, which is always different than federal taxable income which is (almost) always different than what your gross pay is...that the State consider ( Full Answer )

Do states pay federal taxes?

No. At almost all levels one government exempts another...nd of course, governments are not businesses, they would be much closer to a Not For Profit organization, like the United Way or such, and wouldn't have any taxable income.

If you paid sales tax in one state when you bought a car do you have to pay sales tax on it again in the state you get the tags?

This depends on the laws of the two states you are dealing with.People used to try to get around paying sales tax by purchasingvehicles in states other than where they live. This has been haltedin most states by requiring people to pay sales tax in the statethey live in when they register the vehicl ( Full Answer )

How much can be garnished for state tax levy if you are also paying child support?

if YOU are paying child support then YOU have no chance in getting a reduction, sorry they will garnish the maximum as the law requires and the C.S. is not included. sorry I've been there and it sucks. when it comes to taxes its cut throat to get the money no matter the situation. Title III permi ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay taxes on workman's comp in the state of California?

Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute in the nature of a workers' compensation act. The exemption also applies to your survivors. The exemption, however, does not a ( Full Answer )

How much tax does the state of California take out of pay checks?

You do NOT have any taxes, or other amounts that will be taken out of your NET take home paycheck after it is issued to you. The employer payroll department would be the only one that should be able to tell you how much they will be required to withhold from your GROSS salary, wages, etc. for all ( Full Answer )

How much can a woman claiming a state pensi earn before paying tax?

A self employed taxpayer would be required to file an income tax return if business operation had a net profit of 400 and pay the social security and Medicare taxes that would be due plus any income tax that may be due after adding the net profit to all other gross income on the 1040 tax form and th ( Full Answer )

Why do you pay state taxes?

Because you are required to pay state income taxes that you owe when you complete your state income tax return completely and correctly.

Do you have to pay Louisiana state taxes?

i dont even need to go into detail here im just saying yes do u want ur home going on the market to pay off your bills by the government if u dont pay it

Where do you mail your state taxes in California?

Make the check out to Franchise Tax Board. For Individual tax payments, mail to: PO Box 942867, Sacramento, CA 94267-0001 For Business tax payments, mail to: PO Box 942857, Sacramento, CA 94257-0001

Is there state tax in California on lottery?

Lottery prizes are exempt from California state and local personal income taxes.However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires the California Lottery to withhold taxes from prizes over $5,000 for U.S.citizens and resident aliens who provide social security numbers on the Lottery Claim Form.The ( Full Answer )

Why does Florida does not pay state tax?

All levels of government have their own type of funding to pay their expenses. The federal government uses mostly income and excise taxes. City and county governments mostly use property taxes. Some cities use a sales taxes in addition to property taxes. States vary. Some states, like Oregon, use ( Full Answer )

How do you pay NC state taxes?

The normal method of paying taxes is to mail a check to the address of the tax collecting agency. Don't forget to include your social security number.

How much can one be taxed in the United States?

There are many different ways of taxation in the United States. The primary tax is the income tax which can be as high as a 39.6% marginal rate. There is also a capital gains tax of as high as 20%, as well as state and local income taxes which can be as high as 10%.

What is the sales tax in the state of California?

The sales tax in the state of California, which is part of the United States of America, is very high. The sales tax in the state of California is 7.50% but can go as high as 9%.

How much is California sales tax?

The California sales tax rate is currently 6.25% . However,California adds a mandatory local rate of 1.25% that increases thetotal state sales and use tax base to 7.5%. Depending on localmunicipalities, the total tax rate can be as high at 10.0%.