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The catfish that I have caught and cleaned do not have teeth.... These are fresh water catfish.....

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No, catfish do not have a set of teeth like other animals do. However, they do have a strong pair of jaws!

a goonch catfish has teeth and a piraiba catfish doesn't but it has a surated mouth.

Yes catfish have teeth

Male catfish are smaller and narrower than a female catfish. The head of a male catfish is usually much larger then a female's head. Female catfish are wider than males in the belly area, which is needed for carrying her eggs. The female catfish is also much rounder than a male catfish, Male catfish have longer dorsal fins and are much more colourful than a female.

No. a goldfish is much too small to eat a catfish.

catfish cost about 4.00 or 5.00

They're fins have some sort of sharpness..... They don't have teeth though...

The worlds largest catfish weighed 624 pounds

In 2010 there was a catfish caught that weigh 130 pounds. Most blue catfish weigh between 3-40 lbs.

The white catfish is not an endangered species, common over much of the U.S.

For catfish some bodies of water are much more prone to have trophy fish than others. Small ponds for instance may have large amounts of Catfish but will rarely have any true trophies. Bodies of water that hold Flathead Catfish and Blue Catfish are much better places to fish for a true trophy than a lake that only has Channel Catfish for instance

Catfish can grow to a length of about for to five centimeters although there are others that are much bigger.

bullheads, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and blue catfish.

The biggest catfish is the Mekong catfish

According to the USDA nutritional database, fried catfish has 229 calories per 100g. How much a serving has, depends on what you consider to be the serving size for catfish.

well a blue catfish and a channel cat is to different species of catfish but there are both male and female blue catfish and Channel catfish

No! Catfish do not eat cats catfish eat pretty much everything that will fit in it's mouth

how much money for a full set of teeth

Catfish can swim. Some Amazonian catfish can eat people

Catfish are mostly nocturnal with the exception of the Glass Catfish

anteaters have no teeth.

There are many fish in the catfish family, but here is a list of select species:Blue catfish - Ictalurus furcatatusChannel catfish - Ictalurus punctatusWhite catfish - Ameiurus catusFlathead catfish - Pylodictis olivarisWels catfish - Silurus glanisStriped eel-catfish - Plotosus lineatusGlass catfish - Kryptopterus bicirrhisBlack walking catfish - Clarias angolensisStringing catfish - Heteropneustes fossilisElectric catfish - Malapterurus electricusBlotched upsidedown catfish - Synodontis nigriventrisPictus cat - Pimelodus pictus

it is aloud for sure. not 2 much

There are over 2000 species of catfish (order: Siluriformes), thus making them one of the largest fish orders. They vary greatly in body shape, pattern, and scale configuration. Catfish come from all types of environments in both fresh and salt water. Catfish belong to 34 families. Thirteen families are covered in this book. They include: the Aspredinidae (Banjo catfish), the Ariidae (Sea catfish), the Auchenipteridae (Driftwood catfish), the Callichthyidae (Armored catfish), the Chacidae (Squarehead catfish), the Doradidae (Thorny catfish), the Loricariidae (Suckermouth armored catfish), the Malapteruridae (Electric catfish), the Mochocidae (Naked catfish), the Pangassidae, the Pimelodidae (Flat-nosed catfish), the Schilbeidae (Glass catfish), and the Siluridae (Old-world catfish).

Not entirely.Most catfish species are freshwater. Though some catfish, like Hardhead catfish are saltwater catfish. Some catfish species can live in both fresh and salt water.

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