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Q: How much time can one get for extacy pills in Texas?
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How much time in jail for 20 extacy pills in Utah?

3 pills is considered manslaughter, so your looking at a hefty sentence.

How much time in jail for having 1000 extacy pills on you?

if youre caught with a b meaning 1000 pills. that's up for manslaughter

How much is a single extacy pill in south Texas?

10-20$ FOR THE best time of your life.

How much time can you get for trafficking 1000 extacy pills in California?

With 2 ecstacy pills, they can charge you with attempted murder... so, I'm assuming 1000...well, you're definitely screwed.

What are facts about extacy?

extacy is a really addictive drug , it makes you feel happy but yet angry at the same time one or two pills is enough for a full time user usually take half a pill on your first time , dont pee while your on it , you loose your spinal fluid you feel really cuddly and affectionate. and you loose all the feeling in your body.

How much Advil is too much?

more than 2 pills at a time

How much time will you get for manufacturing in Texas?

How much is good time in tdc

How much jail time for 5000 ecstasy pills?

95 years

What the most powerful extacy?

It changes a lot. Pill strength varies with every batch. One maybe good (strong) and others may be crap (not strong). In any case there is usually word on the street about which pills are good quality at the time.

How much time if caught wih ecstasy pills?

Depends how many you get caught with

How much time for Deadly Conduct in Texas?

How much time for deadly conduct in Texas? plead up to Deadly Conduct from 1st DWI.

How much time is it from Chicago to Texas?

4 hour

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