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Mohandas Gandhi

How much time did Mohandas Gandhi spend in jail?


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On most websites, it says about 7 years total. However, I recently had somebody tell me that it was 1921 days. I would go with the 1921 days, its more exact.


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Mohandas Ghandi was an Indian who lived much of his life in Africa. He had nothing to do with America.

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Many of the colonies of the British Empire rebelled against Britain and went to war, with much death and destruction resulting. Gandhi, however, was able to secure the independence of India from Britain by peaceful means. This was a great accomplishment, certainly deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. Gandhi remains an inspiration to this day, for all those who seek non-violent solutions to political conflicts.

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M.K Gandhi was shot because Godse thought that Gandhi was giving to much to Jinnah.

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