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7 Hours

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How much food is eat by a human being a year?

a crapload

How much of the food we eat do we digest?


Is human being stomach is made to digest raw meat?

The human digestive system can digest raw meat, but you have will get E coli and you will die from it if you have too much. If the meat is totally raw you will die, if its under-cooked you have a high chance of dying

How much food can you digest?

65 million quarts

How much time human saliva take to digest starch?

Atcually it does not take much time to digest starch but it can almost take 1 hour.

How much of the food an elephant eat and digest?

485 kg

How much time does food digest?

7-8 hrs

Muscle tissue helps your stomach digest food by what?

The muscles in your stomach help to digest food by mechanical breakdown, however in the stomach this does not contribute to the digestion of food as much as chemical breakdown.

How much time does it take for ants to digest their food?

As long as it takes!

How much it takes whale to digest its food?

It takes 99990 minutes.

How much time does stomach take to digest the food?

3 min

How much food do a stomach digest every day?

Like alot.

How much protein can your body digest?

Your body can digest as much protein as you feed it. But will only make use of some. The human body does not do a good job with retaining protein.

How much food does the average human eat per day?

a regular human being average eats about 8 pounds a day

How much time does a human body take to digest a cup of tea?

22 hours

What determines how much energy a human can receive from food?

A human gets energy from the calories of food. how much energy the food molecules have

How much food can the digestive system digest at a time?

About 2 litres at a time

What two reasons are there that you need to digest food?

1st reason, the food will be much better absorbed. 2nd reason, foods without being firstly digested by the stomach wouldn't move in your digestive system.

How much food can a human eat?

Not as much of 3.5 kilograms of food

What amount of food do chickens eat?

They eat as much food as possible! I'm not kidding... you could give them a human being and they would eat him/her alive.

How do crow digest their food?

becaz they eat so much like 2 toilet

What will happen to human if insects go extinct?

human being will not get honey, there is no spreading of diseases and human being will lead a happy life.

How much does a Mexican eat?

way too much for any human being way too much for any human being

What is the acid in your stomach to help us digest your food?

The acid is so strong, it pretty much melts the food down.

How much human food can you give a hamster a day?

Well I don't know how much human food you should give a hamster a day but i don't think you should give him/her too much because they are not made for human food.