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I was there last week and I was with a group who was able to jumped to the front of the line at the bottom, that was at about 7:30. We went straight to the second floor, and got there about twenty minutes later (because we had to wait for the elevator to come back down). When you get the second floor, you've got to buy tickets to get the elevator to the top floor (le sommet), this wait can be excruciatingly long (because people do hop in front of you in line!). It was 9:00 by the time we got in line for the elevator to take up to the top. We got to the top at about 10:00ish. All of the group was down by about 11. So give about four hours, more if you go without a tour group, because you will have to stand in line at the bottom for tickets and the elevator for at least an hour to two.

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Q: How much time should you allot for seeing the Eiffel Tower?
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