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Just had my 2004 grand marquis convertor replaced (making an aweful noise). it cost me $250 for the part and then labor etc. total of bill for installing etc was $472.61.

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Replace the catalytic converter.Replace the catalytic converter.

Legally you can only replace a catalytic converter with another catalytic converter.

The converter assembly is a bolt on part, or you can cut out and weld in generic units to replace the existing ones.

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Yes you can replace a catalytic converter. No you cannot replace it with resonators. It is illegal and the engine will not run correctly.

The Titan booster does not have a catalytic converter

A catalytic converter may last the life of the car. There is no set time to replace it.

There is no cleaner for a catalytic converter. If it is stopped up you must replace it.

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The catalytic converter should be bolted onto the exhaust pipes. The bolts will have to be soaked in penetrating oil to be able to break them free, then you can replace the converter.

You don't. You replace it.

Catalytic converter failure. Replace the catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter with holes in it needs replacing. It affects not only emissions, but the performance of the engine. Replace the converter.

Brown and Brown in Mesa Arizona is charging me $1300.00 to replace the catalytic converter and fuel filter.

A Catalytic Converter can fail if it becomes clogged or poisoned but there is no way of knowing when it is clogged. Replace your Catalytic Converter when it starts to malfunction.

As long as the vehicle is kept in good running order the catalytic converter should last the life of the vehicle.

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The life of your catalytic converter depends on the condition of the engine and the fuel you're using. If the fuel has the wrong additives, the catalytic converter can become plugged up. If the engine burns oil the oil vapor will build up on the catalytic converter and it can become plugged. Otherwise, if the catalytic converter isn't plugged, don't replace it.

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