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About 5 tissues. ...good one!!! It depends on how much you need....but nice question answer use what ever it takes.

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Q: How much toilet tissue from the roll should you use each time?
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Justification for toilet rolls?

The justification for toilet rolls is to make toilet paper much easier to store and access. It is far more efficient than stacking many sheets of toilet paper on each other.

How much water does a low flush toilet save a month?

If the toilet works each time on one flush, they use roughly half the water of a standard toilet. You would then use half as much a month on the toilet. They do not always flush completely on the first flush and the toilet is only a part of the water bill.

How many liters of water does a toilet waste each day?

It really depends on how much your use the toilet, so there could be many answers

How much germs are in dirty dishes towels?

a lot, i would recommend you to use a toilet tissue or something else other than that

How much water is flushed down toilet each time?

1.6 - 3.5 gpf

How much water should you drink while boating?

not much because you'll need to go to the toilet.

How much is a toilet?

area of toilet: 5'* 5'

How much should you pay to install a toilet?

Depends on whether you already purchased it and whether other parts are needed. If you have the toilet, a Kant leak, a wax seal,FLEXIBLE toilet supply, and the (nuts,bolts and washers) for screwing the toilet to the floor flange, plumber should not charge more than one hour of his rate to install it. Make sure the plumber does NOT silicone around the toilet. If there is a leak from the wax seal under the toilet and it is siliconed, the water stays under the toilet and rots the floor, if you are on a wood floor.

How much does a box of tissue weighs?

The answer depends on the number and size of tissues, how many ply each tissue is and the thickness of the cardboard used for the box.

How much water do you use in one week just by flushing the toilet?

Don't you think you should at least say if the toilet is 3.5 GPF or 1.6 GPF=Figure no less then 2,100 gallons=Don't you think you should at least say if the toilet is 3.5 GPF or 1.6 GPF=Figure no less then 2,100 gallons=

Why after having a poo there is blood on the tissue?

Sometimes, blood on the toilet paper only means that you've wiped too hard or too much, but sometimes, it can mean something more serious. If there's blood again the next time you go for a No 2, then you should contact your doctor.

How much food should you eat before football training?

A little because you may end up in the toilet

How much education should each person get?

As much as possible

Is it ok to stick toilet paper in your ear when you have an ear infection?

You should really avoid doing this. Toilet paper is not very clean. Bear in mind that it is touched by people who are using a germ-covered toilet. Aside from that, if a toilet is flushed without the lid being closed, microscopic particles of urine and faeces spray up in the air and may have landed on the tissue (and anything else in the bathroom, such as hairbrushes and toothbrushes). By putting germ-covered tissue in your ear, you will make the infection much worse. Even a clean, untouched roll of tissue can contain germs from factory production. Also bear in mind that tissue will prevent air getting to your ear, which, again, will worsen the infection. If you are going to put anything in your ear, you should use clean cotton wool. Preferably medical-grade cotton wool, available from any supermarket or pharmacist. Wool prevents germs getting into your ear and also allows your ear to breathe. You should see a doctor or pharmacist for anti-biotic treatment, most likely in the form of ear drops.

What happens if a cat drink to much toilet water?

if a cat drinks too much toilet water it can start vomiting

How much will it cost to have a plumber remove a object from the toilet?

If the toilet does not have to be taken up then its cheap normally $175 if the toilet has to be removed then $400 +

Can a person clog a toilet?

Too much toilet paper will definitely cause problems.

What would the cause of you going to the toilet more putting on weight and headaches be?

not eating healthy and possibly not getting out as much as you should be (:

How much should you weigh if you're five feet eight?

That really depends on your age and gender, as well as how much of that weight is muscle tissue, which actually weighs more than fat tissue, but is obviously healthier.

Should you seal the gap between your toilet and tile floor with silicone... why or why not?

If the toilet is sitting solid on the floor, you don't need to. I would use latex instead of silicone because if you should ever have to pull the toilet, it would be much easier. One reason not to seal it down would be if the wax ring should ever fail. You could have a lot of damage to the floor before you noticed the leak.

How much should you save for college for each kid?

$10,000 dollars each

Which was invented first toilet tissue or paper towels?

Toilet paper production has been recorded back as far as the 1300's. Paper Towels came much, much later. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as paper towels in our house. The first paper towels were were introduced by Scott in 1907, but they did not become a regular Scott product until 1931.

How much water do you use when you flash a toilet?

Depending on the toilet, between 1 and 5 gallons.

How much does a toilet that wipes your butt cost?

I have no idea, but a toilet that does that would be pretty flippin amazing to have!

How much poop can fit in a toilet?

approx. 14.7 pounds of fecal matter can fit in a toilet.