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4 quarts...

Initially. After doing so, start the vehicle and shift into every position a few times. Check your fluid levels again, and add as needed. I had to add another 2 quarts to get to the proper levels on my 1992 Shadow ES 3.0 v6.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-16 10:20:25
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Q: How much transmission fluid do you put in a 1993 Dodge Shadow?
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1993 dodge shadow V6 maxing out rpm's and won't shift?

Check and/or change transmission fluid and filter have transmission rebuilt

How do you know if my 1993 Dodge Shadow Needs Clutch Fluid?

it does' made the cars with a cable clutch or is the transmission low on fluid? use 5w30 motor oil ........ only use transmission fluid if its automatic

Where is the transmission filter located in a 1993 dodge shadow?

It is inside the oil pan on the transmission.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1993 Dodge Daytona?

Same place you check it.

1993 dodge shadow stock in reverce?

1993 Dodge Shadow stock in reverce.

Will a 1993 dodge shadow transmission fit in a 1994 dodge shadow es?

If same engine, yes.If same engine, yes.

What kind of transmission is on the 1993 dodge shadow V6 5 speed manual?

the transmission is made by new process gear

What transmission fluid type does a 1993 dodge dynasty use?

Mopar ATF+3

How much transmission fluid do you put in a 1993 Dodge Shadow 4 cylinder es?

6 quarts if it's comletely empty.... after third quart.... ad slowly to ensure not overfilling.

What is the transmission fluid amount for 1993 v6 dodge caravan?

Dry fill is about 9 quarts.

1993 dodge shadow needs transmission fluid where does it go?

AnswerIf it is a automatic the dip stick is on the front side of the transmission under the hood. It's labelled 'Trans Fluid'. [edit] Yup, you need to poor it down the dip stick tube. No other way.

What type of transmission fluid in a 1993 dodge spirit?

Mopar ATF+3 or Mopar ATF+4

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