How much trash is thrown in the landfills each year?

About 250 million tons of waste is generated and roughly 30% is being recycled. So, around 175 million tons is thrown in to landfills

If you collected all of the US landfill waste for the next 50 years with growth included, then spread it across the entire lower 48 states, it would be a layer of dust, less than 1/16 of an inch thick.

We do not have a landfill problem. It is environmentally sound to bury solid waste in modern landfill cells. Only large cities have a problem because they need to ship the landfill waste to distant landfills because their populations have a serious NIMBY problem. Not In My Back Yard means they do not want their solid waste buried near their homes.

People buy homes near landfills and sue to shut the landfills down.