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to the difference is not enormious the trouble you will comme by id the wiring for the sensors and the electronique ignition a 92 engine has coil packs and an 89 engine has a single coil and distributor cap.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:33:01
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Q: How much trouble is it going to be to put a 1992 3.9 engine into a 1989 Dodge Dakota?
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What would cause a 87 dodge Dakota to shut off the engine going down the road?

It ran out of gas

What is the name of your 1995 dodge Dakota automatic transmission?

depending on the engine size the transmission is going to be 42rh with v-6 or a 46rh with a v-8.

What makes a 1999 Dodge Dakota sputter?

There are a few things that can cause a 1999 Dodge Dakota to sputter. For example, the battery may be malfunctioning or the park plugs can be going bad.

Can you replace a Dodge Ram 6 cylinder engine with a Dodge Ram diesel engine?

it depends on the size of the diesel engine going in so yes and no

How can i tell if a 2007 dodge Dakota has ABS?

Rear wheel abs was standard equipment on a 2007 Dodge Dakota. Four wheel abs was optional. If you have wiring going to the front wheel bearings for sensors, it is four wheel abs.

2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 has trouble turning or going in reverse but drives fine reguraly what is wrong?

You are probably in four wheel drive. With the front wheels engaged on dry pavement you will notice difficulty in steering and the truck will handle poorly.

What is code P1682 for your 2000 Dodge Dakota?

Alternator going bad..replace it. Just had the same thing on my 2000 neon

How do you disable the horn of a 1992 Dodge Dakota that keeps going off on its own?

Look in the engine compartment and look for your horn. It will have one wire sticking out of it. Cut the wire with wire cutters and your horn will never sound again.

How do you turn off egr light off 87 dodge Dakota truck?

find out what is causing it to come on (by going to a shop) and correcting it.

What is the loud grinding noise coming from the engine of your 1997 Dodge Caravan?

Bearing going bad?

90 Dodge Dakota 4WD auto transmission slipping sometimes?

Could be torque converter going bad or cylinoid in a certain gear is burning up and going bad.

Does a 99 Dodge Caravan transmission interchangeable with a 97 Dodge Caravan?

If it's the same type of transmission that came from/is going on the same engine, yes.

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