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Depends how much they drink. If you are overly concerned with this issue, you should seek medical advice immediately. This could be a symptom of Diabetes.

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How much is the average daily urine output in a normal person?

Urine output is about 1.5 liters per day.

How much is the average daily urine output for children?

The minimum normal urine output for a child is one milliliter per kilogram of weight per hour. If a child weighs 44 pounds, then he weighs 20 kilograms. So his normal hourly urine output is 20 times one, or twenty milliliters. The normal for one day, or 24 hours, is 20 times 24, or 480 milliliters.

How much fluid intake and urine output is normal for children?

iguess intake: 1000 average and output i.e. urine: 1000 average

Is 558cc in 8hrs to much urine output from an indwelling catheter?


What is the average urine output for a child?

it all depends on how much liquid is givin to the child. In everyone you should put out as much as you take in. EX. if you drink 340 cc's (or mg) of water you should urinate out 340 cc's of water

How much urine output is expected of 55kg patient in one hour?


How much urine is produced per day?

the normal urine output is 30ml per hour. so if your going to get the 24 hour output - 30x24 - it will give you 720ml per day.

How much urine exerted per day?

the normal urine output is 30ml per hour. so if your going to get the 24 hour output - 30x24 - it will give you 720ml per day.

How much urine can a child's bladder hold?

how much can a child bladder hold

How much urine does a human produce per minute?

The bladder's capacity of storing urine is about 500ml. In intake and output , we should at least have 30 ml of urine per hour.

What if urine output exceeds input?

If urine output exceeds input you will lose total body water. If you are retaining fluid, i.e. have too much, this is normal and good. At some point, if it does not stop , it will lead to dehydration.

How much is the average daily urine output in a 2 week old?

why would you want to know that

What is intake and output in Nursing or Medicine?

Intake is the amount of fluids someone takes in and output is how much urine they excreted. It's used to monitor fluid balance.

How much Urine output in infant?

6 - 7 wet diapers per day is considered normal.

What is the normal output of urine?

well technically you cant say because it depends on how much you drink, but if you drink to much (well almost humanly possible amount of water) you can die from excess urine.

How can you calculate a adults daily urine output?

urine output is a dynamic process, so the only way to calculate it is to measure volumes each time the person urinates... There are formulas to calculate the amount of clearance of substances or concentration of things in the blood and how much leaves in the urine, but actual urine totals need to be measured each beaker at a time...

How much urine is produced by the kidneys in one hour?

Output should be at least 30 cc or ml an hour

How much does a cow urinate a day?

Depending on her size and her level of water consumption, a cow can expell around 20 L of urine per day. Usually, the more water a cow will drink the bigger her urine output.

What is the connection of osmosis with diabetes?

Diabetes is a word in the Latin language that means "increased urine output".The word mellitus is Latin for "honey". The two together are increased output of sugary urine. When blood sugar reaches a high enough concentration the kidneys excrete the excess, and the glucose shows up in the patients urine. Because of osmostic pressure, water follows the flow of glucose into the urine and much more urine than is normal is produced. Other by-products of diabetes also enter the urine such as; ketone bodies which are by-products of a diabetics inability to synthesis and store fats properly. As these enter the urine, water again follows. Because of a high urine output, there is less water in the blood. It is therefore important for a diabetic patient to maintain a good water balance.

Why is urine output decreased during hypovolemic shock?

If the kidneys are getting enough blood to function well they concentrate the urine in an effort to correct the low blood volume. In more severe cases they cannot make much urine because they are not getting enough blood flow.

How many times daily is normal to urine?

Urinary output is dependent on many factors, such as intake, age, health conditions In a normal, healthy adult, your body should pretty much match its output with its intake. That is, what goes in, should come out in pretty much the same volume.

How much does a person urinate in a day?

The normal urine output for an average adult is 800 to 2000 ml/day; this is assuming intake of around 2 liters.

How much is the average daily urine output in a 2 year old?

A basic formula that pediatricians use is: a child's urinary output is 0.5cc/kg/hour. So, if your two year old is 15kg, the urinary output per day would be approximately: 180 cc per day.

What does 1.015 specific gravity in urine mean?

It means that any volume of that urine weighs 1.015 times as much as the same volume of pure water weighs. A properly trained physician or medical laboratory technician can often identify and evaluate several normal or abnormal conditions based on the measured specific gravity of an individual's urine.

What causes abnormal bone growth?

drinking to much coffee or doing abnormal drugs