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For most cookies you can't use oil in place of shortening.

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Q: How much vegetable oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?
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What can shortening be replaced with when baking cookies?

Vegetable oil

May you use vegetable oil instead of shortening when baking a cake?


Can you use oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?

NOPE.... use shortening or margarine = soft cookies, use butter = crispy cookies. If you use oil, you'll have a mess.

What is the difference between crisco and butter when baking cookies?

When you're baking cookies, if you use shortening instead of butter, your cookies come out higher. They don't spread as much as they do with butter, so your cookies turn out like the ones in the pictures instead of flat.

Can margerine be used in place of shortening in a cookie recipe?

Of course you can make cookies with margarine instead of shortening, I do it with all my cookies. When you use margarine you don't need to grease your baking pans, and I think the cookies come out more tasty.

What is crisco in baking?

Brand name for solid vegetable shortening.

What fats are used in baking?

Some of the fats used in baking are butter, lard, vegetable shortening, margarine and various vegetable oils.

What can shortening be replaced with in baking cookies?

You can replace shortening with applesauce during baking, but this will give your baked items a difference consistency. For example, cookies turn out softer and more cake-y when using this substitution.

Can vegetable oil be used as a substitution for shortening in baking?

No, oil is liquid, shortening should be solid. Margarine or butter can be used as shortening.

What are cookies made out of?

Basic cookies usually have shortening, flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, egg, and flavoring.

Does baking soda make cookies flatten?

Baking soda will make them rise, they flatten out from the shortening or other ingredients that melt when baking.

When baking cookies can you use margarine instead of vegetable oil?

Yes. Margarine is basically solidified vegetable oil, so you should be able to substitute it in a cookie recipe without a problem.

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