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I would think the same amount. But, you won't get the same results. Shortening is a saturated fat like lard or butter. Oil is an unsaturated fat. You won't get at all the same results. I would sub butter. If you are veg and you dont want to use animal fat but you are trying to avoid the trans fats in solid vegetable shortening, use palm oil or coconut. These are naturally solid at room temperature.

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Q: How much vegetable oil would you substitute for a recipe that calls for 2 tablespoons of shortening?
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Can you use vegetable oil in stead of crisco?

If the recipe calls for shortening do not substitute for oil.

Can you substitute vegetable shortening for butter in a recipe?

No, it will not taste the same. It also does not have the same smoking point.

What is a substitute for cooking margarine?

Butter, vegetable oil, lactose-free butter / vegan butter, Crisco, and / or vegetable shortening, depending on the recipe.

Can you substitute margarine for solid vegetable shortening in a recipe?

Solid vegetable shortening gives a lighter texture to the recipes it is used in. Margarine, if used as a substitute must be the "solid" type, not the "soft", spreadable kind and it will alter the flavour by adding a salty taste.

Can vegetable oil be a sub for shortening in a cake recipe?

Yes, just substitute one cup for one cup and so on.

Can vegetable oil be used for crisco in baking?

You can safely substitute liquid oil for solid shortening in baking ONLY if the recipe calls for the shortening to be melted first. You can substitute butter or margarine for shortening ( 1 cup + 2 Tbsp for each cup of shortening). You can also substitute 1/2 cup applesauce or prune puree for each cup of shortening.

Can i substitute butter in a cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute it for lard or shortening.

How much vegetable oil do i substitute forfor 12 cup shortening?

There is a problem with substituting oil for shortening. You will have to adjust all the liquids in the recipe. In most cases I wouldn't suggest it.

What is a vegetable shortening substitute for baking biscuits?

I always use butter. You may want to adjust the salt in the recipe if not using unsalted butter.

What can you use in bread recipe instead of vegetable shortening?

Depending on the recipe, you could possibly use lard, butter, bacon grease, or vegetable oil instead of shortening.

Can you substitute solid Crisco with vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

Yes, you can melt shortening and use in a cake recipe. It will change the texture and possibly add heaviness to the cake, but it will still be good.

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil in a recipe for blueberry muffins?

No, you can't. But if a recipe calls for vegetable oil, you can substitute it for Canola Oil.

If the recipe calls for vegetable oil can you use shortening?

No you cant

Can you substitute applesauce for vegetable shortening?

Depending on the recipe, you can replace some but not all of the shortening (whether vegetable or non vegetable) with apple sauce. (Don't substitute in pastry, goods which rely on their high fat content (Victoria sponges etc...), or goods which need to have a long shelf life). In most other recipes you can substitute about 1/3 of the shortening for applesauce, however because apple sauce has a higher liquid content than shortening, you may need to reduce the amount of liquid used elsewhere in the recipe. It's probably easier in the long run if you use recipes that are actually designed for use with apple sauce.

Can you substitute butter for shortening in a biscuit recipe and can the amount of butter equal the amount of shortening?

Yes and yes.

Can you substitute butter for vegetable shortening even if the recipe already calls for butter?

No I wouldn't because veg shortening is mainly just to give your baked good a crisp texture so you should use butter.

Can you substitute margarine with butter flavor shortening?

But yes, in fact if you substitute shortening for butter in the tollhouse cookie recipe they will come out big and stay soft.

Can you substitute butter for shortening in cake recipe?

Yes, for one cup of shortening use one cup of butter.

Can vegetable oil be substituted for melted shortening?

It depends on the recipe. Shortening becomes solid at room temperature while vegetable oil does not. So vegetable oil may be substituted for melted shortening only in recipes that do not depend on shortening becoming solid for texture when cooled.

Can you substitute butter for shortening in a coffee cake recipe?

You CAN it will taste the same if not better

Can you substitute shortening for butter in a cinnamon roll recipe?

The rolls will bake nicely with shortening, but the taste will be disappointing without butter.

Can shortening replace vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

Melt it and let it cool. The cake will be denser with shortening than with oil.

What can you use as a substitute for shortening in a recipe?

For one cup shortening use 1 cup butter or 1 cup margarine minus 1/2 teaspoon salt from recipe.

What will happen if you substitute melted butter for solid shortening in a cookie recipe?

The product collapse

Can you substitute butter for shortening in a cookie recipe?

yes, just soften the butter first.