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Q: How much venom does a rattlesnake produce?
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Does a rattlesnake reuse or make its venom again?

There is no way for a rattlesnake to recycle its venom. They have venom glands that produce more venom as needed.

Is rattlesnake skin poisonous?

No part of a rattlesnake is poisonous, including the skin. However, they do produce a venom that is dangerous if injected but not if consumed.

Are Cats immune to rattlesnake venom?

Cats are not immune to rattlesnake venom.

How much rattlesnake venom is harmful?

A single drop of venom can cause serious problems.

What are a rattlesnake's weapons?

a rattlesnakes weapons are their tail, fangs and venom

Is the bee venom the same venom as rattlesnake venom?

No, they are quite different.

How venomous is a pygmy rattlesnake?

Since this species is small and unable to produce much venom, it is unlikely that it is able to deliver a fatal bite to a human adult.

What is the most poisonous part of a rattlesnake?

No part of a rattlesnake is poisonous. However, the venom glands, venom ducts and fangs are the venomous parts of the rattlesnake.

How much does a vial of rattlesnake anti-venom cost in San Diego?

Anti-venom cost $775 wholesale.

What color is rattlesnake venom?

the color i know in venom of it is red

How much venom is in a rattlesnake?

A large snake (5 feet or more) may give an average venom yield of 410 mg (dried venom).

Is rattlesnake venom polarized?


Is the venom of a stingray is similar to a rattlesnake?


What is the rattlesnake's venom called?


What type of venom does an eastern diamond back rattlesnake have?

Poisonous venom

How much venom does a snake produce?

5lbs of venom in each of the sacks

Is a python bigger than a rattlesnake?

Well, a python is less deadly cuz it dosent have much venom, but its bigger than a rattlesnake!:) x

Can mosquitos transmit rattlesnake venom to humans?


Are bull snakes immune to rattlesnake venom?


How does a rattlesnake get their venom?

They secrete it from glands in their skull. Snake venom is modified saliva.

What is the most pousinous rattlesnake?

The Mojave rattlesnake's venom is the most powerful, ounce for ounce.

Is a rattlesnake's venom deadly?

Yes. Most snake venom is deadly and will kill if the proper anti-venom is not administered in time. Rattlesnake venom kills by destroying tissue around the bite and anywhere in the body where the venom is carried by the blood stream.

Can rattlesnake venom be carried by yellow jackets if the yellow jacket feeds on the dead snake?

No, yellow jackets could not transmit rattlesnake venom.

Is a king snake a rattlesnake's enemy?

Yes, a king snake is immune to rattlesnake venom and will eat them.

Is rattlesnake more deadly than a king cobra?

The king cobra has a venom which is much more toxic than that of a rattlesnake. It is also much larger and can inject a greater amount of toxin.