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Q: How much was cotton candy in year 1996?
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What year did cotton candy get its present name of cotton candy?


What year was the cotton candy made?

the cotton candy was made in 1857

How much cotton candy is sold every year at carnivals?


What year was candy floss invented?

Cotton candy (Candy Floss) was first recorded in the 16th century.

How much cotton candy is made in a year?

9.29 million $'s worth. over 900 million pieces each year.

What year was cotton candy invented?

Cotton Candy was invented in 1897 but was not introduced to the public until 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair.

How much candy do Nestle produce a year?

how much candy do nestle produce in a year

One and the circus performers 265 shows per year they sell 225 sticks of cotton candy at each show how many sticks of cotton candy do they sell in one year?

59,625 i think

How do you get the cotton candy in Club Penguin?

The cotton candy was found in a fair.Every year theres are fair and it gives cotton candy away but u need to get tickets its prob not there right now but maybe in a couple months or weeks so there is also a pin that is cotton candy u can't hold it but its a pin SO I HOPE THIS HELPED :)

How much rock candy is produced a year?

About 100 million rock candy is produced every year!

How many robots has been to mercury and what are their names and what year did they go there?

cotton candy unicorns and happy fun times

How much does Ferne Cotton get paid?

200k a year

How much candy does the average person eat a year?

the average American eats 24.3 pounds candy

How much candy does Denmark eat?

People of Denmark eat on average 26 pounds of candy each year.

How much money does America make from cotton?

About 20,000,000 dollars a year.

How much cotton does Texas produce per year?

7,000,000 bales

How much do Americans spend on Easter candy per year?


How much candy should a fourteen year old eat?


How much candy does Hershey produce in one year?

over 600,000,0000

How much chewy candy is sold each year in the US?

about 1millon

How much candy is given out on Halloween each year?

2millions s

How much candy does the average American consume each year?

one million buckets a year

How much candy is consumed a year per person in the us?

a lot is consumed in 1 year :)

How much Candy how much should a 12 year old girl eat a day?

candy is unhealthy! should have a coulple of peices a month as a treat.

How much money do Americans spend on candy each year?

Americans spend about $8.8 million dollars each year on candy. They are the leaders in the candy consuming world. Followed by Switzerland, Great Brittan, and Belgium.